Challenger Dominiel in Starcraft II


Challenger Dominiel is a hero that can be used in Starcraft II as a support. He has a massive attack rating, and his passive damage increase is amplified by a buff to his critcal strikes. His unique S2 can be used to help a teammate push, and every critcal strike you score will give you a passive boost to your damage. His S3 is an AoE CR push that also grants you an extra turn.

Character: Challenger Dominiel

The challenger Dominiel is an idol waifu whose passive skill increases damage dealt by a nearby ally. The buff also increases combat readiness by 10% per critical hit. Three or more critical hits will give the ally 30%+ combat readiness, and the bonus stacks up to x4 for the next attack. This makes him an excellent choice for both PvP and PvE situations. But if you want to maximize the damage he deals, you should invest in a second character, such as the ML Lidica.

While his main role is to be a single target tank buster, the challenger Dominiel also has a number of other useful skills. His S1 is a massive attack rating which is amplified by the passive damage increase. His S2 is unique to the Challenger Dominiel, and allows his teammate to push. This passive also applies to his skills. In addition, his S3 is a powerful AoE CR push. It also grants the player one extra turn.


The Challenger Dominel is a DPS hero with a focus on damage. She can one-shot even the hardest bosses with her attack buff, and has the ability to deal AoE and multi-hit damage. She also has a cooldown reduction and increases her combat readiness by 10% for each critical hit. As a result, she is a great choice for PvE.

The main difference between Challenger Dominiel and other tanks is her damage. Her S1 is very powerful, with a high attack rating and a passive damage increase. Her S2 is unique and makes her a strong team-pusher. Her S2 passive applies each time she scores a crit, and her S3 is an AoE CR push. This build is easy to make and is perfect for Cleave teams.


The morality of Challenger Dominiel is very low compared to the other charcters. She is incredibly self-confident and does not exhibit much empathy or morality. This character constantly causes trouble and refuses to admit her own faults. Her character is also prone to nastiness, and she is not the most compassionate of the characters. Her primary motivation is the survival of her pet Dingo. She also believes that she can defeat Zerato, but she is often in denial about her own shortcomings and has a tendency to lash out at anyone who tries to criticize her.

Passive skill

The passive skill for Challenger Dominiel is a great tool to use during PvP or PvE. It increases your damage dealt by 10% on critical hits. It also increases your combat readiness by 10%. If you have a high combat readiness, this passive skill is perfect for you. In addition, it also self-boosts on critical hits. This passive skill is highly effective for doing damage and can help you to kill your opponents in one shot.

The passive skill for Challenger Dominiel is a simple one. If you’re looking to push your teammate, this is a great choice for you. You’ll need low crit rate for this build, which will help to maximize your damage output. The passive skill for Challenger Dominiel can be used to boost your teammate’s CR by one or two points. It also increases the CR of your teammates every time they get a crit. This is a simple but effective build for Cleave teams.

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