Phase 2 of the Jttai Guide


After learning all about the buffs that BBK, Ruele, and J Kise have received from the recent PBE, you’re ready to dive into Phase 2 of the Jttai! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you play them! This guide will help you choose your heroes wisely. BBK’s buffs and Ruele’s debuffs will help you get the best out of your new hero!

BBK’s reflect buff

One of BBK’s best non-attack skills is Reflect. The reflect buff is a huge help against DPS. If you can lower your health, you will be able to increase your def, attack, and healing. This is a main strategy, especially if you are using the Yellow mob. This way, you will avoid cleansing def breaks. Alternatively, you can soul burn S Tene or a purple mob to get more damage.

The other great thing about BBK’s reflect buff is that it’s very easy to get a reflect off of a BMIMuia. A reflection buff is one of the fastest ways to get a good buff. It will help you gain a lot of attack damage in just a few seconds. Having the reflect buff will make your BMIMuia look even better.

If you’re a nut lover, you’ll appreciate this buff. It gives you a little extra firepower for the rest of the fight. It also boosts your attack speed and makes you less vulnerable to damage from other players. It also increases your damage output. It’s a great way to deal with enemy buffed abilities, and is a great option if you’re fighting against them in a competitive setting.

Ruele’s buff

A recent patch has added a new effect to champions called “Summoning Light Pillar.” When summoned, Ruele’s buff restores Health and grants her allies invincibility for 2 turns. The amount recovered increases in proportion to the caster’s maximum Health. Ruele’s buff is also transferred to living allies. The optimal investment is S3, but S2 is also viable depending on how often you play Ruele.

J Kise’s buff

There are several advantages to having a J Kise. First of all, his buff makes him very effective. While he may not have the speed of a tank, he is very effective in preventing the enemy team from using skills. Second, his SB prevents the enemy main team from using their skills for three turns. Third, the enemy main team cannot undo any effect resistance. These are just a few advantages, but there are more.

In addition to being an excellent player, Kise has some unique abilities that make him stand out among his peers. For instance, he can copy other players’ moves, and he can do it very fast. This makes him the perfect point guard for his team. However, his copying abilities are limited by his physical skills. He is considered the weakest of the members of the Generation of Miracles and will soon develop a buff called Perfect Copy to compensate for his weakness.

Unfortunately, Judge Kise has several drawbacks. He has a bad matchup against Martial Artist Ken and Fallen Cecilia, which put strain on his team slots. Nevertheless, he can still be an effective choice for a team whose opponents lack hard counters. Just be sure to avoid her buff if possible. There are other meta heroes that can help you win your battles. In addition to that, Judge Kise also has some great DPS capabilities.

Phase 2 of jttai

The first step in beating this phase of the meta game is to have a team full of powerful AoE units. You’ll need Kiris, Cele Gigantes, and Mascot Hazel. Fire Tenebria will provide a great def break and CC. CC’ing Cele Gigantes is also a great idea. Then, bring on your team’s DPS with DDJ or SC Ras.

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