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Are you playing as the Knight of Azimanak and need some advice on how to play Iela Violin? She is an AoE Strong S3, a Knight of Azimanak, and you have received a buff from your opponent. But how do you get the most out of her abilities? Keep reading to learn what makes her such a good choice for your team. Also, check out my Iela Violin Epic Seven guide.

Iela Violin is a Knight of Azimanak

Iela Violin is a powerful and charismatic character in the role-playing game Epic Seven. She is the Heir of the Covenant. The game takes place in a world created by the archdemon Diche, who spawned the game after Orbis’s death. In the game, you take the role of the Heir of the Covenant, and must gather all the Heroes in order to protect the world.

She is an AoE S1

Iela violin is a tanky AoE S1 with decent attack stats. Her Def Up from S2 is very effective as it slows down your opponent’s offensive pressure, and her AoE is quite powerful. In addition, she has a good debuff (Unhealable + attack down), which makes it easy to win on defense. Her downside is the high cooldown.

To counter Remnant Violet, Iela Violin is a very strong option. This build gives her the ability to strip immunity from her enemies and makes her a very hard counter to her. She also has the unique ability to activate an extra attack that blinds enemies. Iela violin can synergize hard with Cerise. It is one of the best AoE S1 builds in the game.

When playing as an AOE mage, you want to focus on an AOE unit. A Fire Tenebria is a good choice. It can break def and CC buffs from dingos, and its buffs are great for AoE. Dizzy is a good unit to bring on as well. A DDJ is also a good idea to bring on for DPS.

She is a Strong S3

The Iela violin is a very powerful weapon in Overwatch. It can deal massive damage to the opponent and is a great defensive weapon as well. She can also play as an AoE support or a dispeller. There are some things to keep in mind when using this weapon. It has a limited amount of passives, which makes it a risky choice. You should also consider the type of item you are using with it.

She can dispel a buff from an enemy after attacking

The Iela Violin is an excellent choice for challenger PvP, as she has good offensive skills and can dispel an enemy’s buff after it attacks. Her abilities can be used in any area of the game, from PvE to challenger PvP. A common question is, “Will Iela violin be good for challenger PvP?”

Iela violin’s powerful melody touches hearts of all, and the music is enchanting. Even a genius mage is moved by Iela’s melody. This talent is useful for all classes, including tanking and boosting. It increases Combat Readiness by 10%, and is doubled when the enemy is buffed. It also increases the caster’s attack by 15% after attacking, and resets the skill cooldown.

The Iela violin epic seven is effective at dispelling an enemy’s buff. Its S3 has a 100% chance to stun for 1 turn and deals 20% of the target’s max health damage. This ability is best used with a striper that takes the first turn. Alternatively, Iela can use Fairytale Tenebria on her Iela Violin to dispel an enemy’s buffs.

She can activate 3 attacks in one turn

When using Iela Violin, you can make sure to get all three of the skills you want in a single turn. This will help you to stay on top of your opponents. It’s also a good idea to get the Wonderous Vial because it will make certain characters more versatile. However, note that this ability does not counter passives and other effects that you want to use. Also, the Iela Violin does not always proc passives or burn effects. In addition, when using Iela, you can heal your lowest ally, and this healing will increase in proportion to the target’s max Health.

She has a non-attacking skill

Iela’s Violin Epic Seven is a useful non-attacking skill. Her non-attacking skill is an excellent way to heal your lowest ally. Her non-attacking skill heals a targeted ally proportionate to her max Health. This skill is extremely useful for support characters. It also works great when playing alongside Kiris, who is the main DPS.

She can activate Dignus Orb

When used properly, the Iela Violin will heal the lowest health ally by up to 24% when they are using a non-attack skill. It is particularly helpful for units that do not have innate healing. This artifact also increases Angelic Montmorancy’s healing output. It is also the best artifact for Vivian, as it provides both a massive shield and an increase to damage on the next attack. Unfortunately, it is only available to one class: Vivian.

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