Bomb Model Kanna’s 3 Skills and Connection in World of Warcraft


Did you know that Bomb Model Kanna is the latest 5-star hero to join the game? Are you wondering what her connection is? Read on to learn more about the Fire elemental Ranger’s three skills and connection. Alternatively, you can check out our previous Bomb Model Kanna articles. Listed below are the 3 skills that she has, as well as the connection that she has with the rest of the game’s heroes.

Bomb Model Kanna is a new 5-star hero

In a live stream held a few days before the official Patch release, we got a taste of a new unit, Bomb Model Kanna, a Fire Elemental Ranger. She can be summoned from connections, and her Horoscope is Gemini. Her build is similar to Vildred’s, which makes her a good pick for those seeking a damage dealer with speed.

She is a Fire elemental Ranger

A new 5-Star Fire elemental Ranger has been added to the game – Bomb Model Kanna. Teased a couple of days before the Patch preview live stream, the Bomb Model Kanna can be acquired through connections. This new unit is a powerful speed-based damage dealer with a passive that increases Effectiveness and Hit Chance when you have s3. She also has 3 skills, including Full Bombardment!, which can be soul burned for additional effects.

She has 3 skills

The new 5-Star Fire Elemental Ranger unit, Bomb Model Kanna, is coming to the game. She specializes in AOE damage and can enhance allies’ attack speed, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies in her vicinity. Additionally, she can dispel enemy buffs to enhance her own attack power and those of her allies. She also has a short cooldown and a strong passive. Furthermore, she can change stances to increase her effectiveness, which will increase her overall game play.

The bomb model Kanna connection has three skills: Double Attack, Triple Damage, and Multiattack. All three skills are extremely useful in battle, and the Bomb model will increase the damage of all members of your party. Kannas also have great map control, and their spawn enhancer skill, Kishin Shoukan, increases the damage of all party members. Although they lack an iframe for avoiding KO attacks, they are still great at farming.

She has a connection

The new 5-Star Fire Elemental Ranger unit, Bomb Model Kanna, has finally made her way into the game. The new unit was teased in the days before the Patch preview live stream. It will be available through connections. This new unit is a 5-Star variant of the bomb model that was previously seen in Episode 3 and Chapter 2 of the main storyline. Her specialty is massive AOE attacks. Her skills include Full Fire!, which raises your allies’ Attack Speed, and Bomb Model Kanna herself.

She is only good in Earth Expedition and Golem Hunt

While both characters are good at combat, Tenebria is better at PvP, GvG, and RTA. Baal has a higher def debuff uptime, but all of his skills attack at least two targets. However, Tenebria has a lower S1 debuff uptime and can’t trigger dual attacks. Her S1 debuff is also useless, as her skill has a 50% uptime. In addition, Tenebria’s s1 debuff is useless for most things.

The new 5-Star Fire Elemental Ranger unit, Bomb Model Kanna, was teased several days before the live stream of the Patch preview. This new character is available through connections. Previously, he was seen in Chapter 2 of Lefundos and Episode 3 of the main storyline. The Bomb Model Kanna specializes in massive AOE attacks and increases allies’ Attack speed with Full Fire!

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