Bomb Model Kanna Connection Guide


If you haven’t yet played Bomb Model Kanna, she’s a five-star Fire Elemental Ranger unit. In this guide, you’ll learn more about her three skills and her backpack. After reading this, you’ll be ready to take her on the battlefield! There are plenty of reasons to choose her. In addition to being a connection hero, she also has 3 other abilities, including the ability to heal yourself and other people.

Bomb Model Kanna is a 5-Star Fire Elemental Ranger unit

The Bomb Model Kanna is a five-star Fire Elemental Ranger unit. She previously appeared in Chapter 2 of Lefundos. She deals damage to all enemies and increases her team’s speed. Her special skill, Full Fire, increases her allies’ Attack Speed. This unit’s unique Artifact gives her even more power. The Bomb Model Kanna will be available for summoning through Connections, Drop Rate Up banners, and the Artifact.

In this game mode, Bomb Model Kanna is a featured hero. She receives 50% more attack, health, and defense. She can also use her Bomb Model Kanna passive to boost her effectiveness. This unit is a great choice for team fights or for solo play. It also has a very short cooldown and can shift stances. If you’re unsure of whether or not this unit is right for your team, try it out and see how it fits in.

She is a connection hero

The new 5-star hero, Bomb Model Kanna, specializes in AOE damage. She also boosts allies’ attack speed and dispels enemy buffs. Her cooldown is short, and her passive improves her attack power and damage. She can also shift stances for added versatility. But she is still a little underpowered. You should not rush to buy her right away, as there are many other heroes that are much better.

She has 3 skills

The Bomb Model Kananna is a 5-Star Fire Elemental Ranger unit. She was first teased in the days before the Patch preview live stream. You can now purchase her through connections if you are looking to improve your team’s damage output. She specializes in massive AOE damage and can boost allies’ attack speed and defense. Full Fire! is her primary attack skill and will increase the power of allies’ attacks by 50%.

She has a backpack

The new 5-star hero, Bomb Model Kanna, specializes in AOE damage, while also improving the attack speed of allies. Her passive boosts the attack power of allies, while also dispelling enemy buffs. She has a short cooldown, a powerful passive, and the ability to shift stances. However, I would advise against playing Kanna for PVE purposes.

She has Air-to-Surface Missile

As a Fire elemental Ranger, Bomb Model Kanna deals heavy damage to enemies. Adding a bomb to your team will increase its speed and damage output. This unit can also be crafted with an Artifact, Air-to-Surface Missile (MISHA), which increases the caster’s hit chance and critical hit damage. Unlike other models of bombs, Bomb Model Kanna can also be crafted with the Air-to-Surface Missile Artifact.

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