Uberiuss Tooth in World of Warcraft


I’ve been playing for a while, and recently decided to try out Uberius’ Tooth. I wanted a weapon that would give me more options for dual attacks and had a high crit chance. The Uberius’ Tooth provided all of those things, but also had a very high chance to double crit. That meant I got an extra 12,000 damage on a normal attack from this weapon.


The Hwayoung is a relatively new banner, but it is a very versatile single target attacker. This fire unit has high damage and high HP and is good against many ice units, but it does have one drawback: it scales extremely low with just an attack. Luckily, he has an Uberiuss Tooth on his S1 that ignores health and defense – ideal for max bonus damage.

Uberius’ tooth

Uberius’ Tooth is a piece of treasure that was once owned by the Wintenberg royal family. This legendary tooth is capable of ripping through dragon scale armor. This item can be used to deal massive damage and is a powerful defensive tool against opponents. This item is the perfect choice for a single-target attack. You can also use it as a DPS booster to get an edge over your opponents. However, if you don’t want to risk the risk of losing the game, you can opt to switch it to another item.

Hwayoung’s chance to ‘double crit’

Hwayoung is an excellent single-target damage dealer, but she lacks the ability to ‘double crit’. But she has a great base ATK boost, and is useful for single-target damage. In addition to that, she has barriers that keep her alive, and great damage scaling in s3.

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