Uberius’ Tooth – The Best Ways to Use This Powerful Item in World of Warcraft


As a single target attack build, Uberius’ Tooth is a fantastic choice for Ravi. He is able to use it to have more dual attacks and a higher chance to crit. Moreover, he gets over 12,000 extra damage when his normal attack crits! As a result, he is the best choice for high-end single target builds. This article will show you the best ways to use this powerful weapon.


Hwayoung is one of the newest banners, and he is a great single target attacker. His high damage and low cooldown makes him good against fire units, and his low health makes him good against many ice units. Hwayoung’s kit scales with his single attack, and his S1 has Uberiuss Tooth, which ignores 100% defense and health to deal maximum bonus damage. This makes him an excellent choice for maxing out bonus damage.

Hwayoung’s composition has three elements: designer Lilibet, creator Lilibet, and primary buffer. The second element grants a two-turn immunity buff and decreases debuff duration. The third skill pushes combat readiness and grants a large barrier every turn. Despite the two-turn immunity buff, this weapon has too much HP and low atk. It is better suited for low-level players, but it’s not the best choice for everyone.

Hwayoung is a single target attacker

The Hwayoung is a fairly new banner and is a very versatile single target attacker. It has a very high base ATK and is a great single target damage dealer. She has high health and a passive boosting her ATK. She also has a barrier to keep her alive and has incredible damage scaling. If you play her properly, she’ll have no problems dealing massive damage.

Her composition is focused on dual attacks. Each unit that dual attacks with Conqueror Lilias has an element that benefits her team. Hwayoung grants a large barrier every turn and a two-turn immunity buff. Her ability to silence enemies has a great deal of value. And her Uberius’s Tooth also increases her combat readiness. This makes her one of the best single target attackers on the market.

Double crit chance

Uberius’s Tooth is a great item for anyone looking to increase the amount of damage that they can inflict on opponents. It gives you a 30% bonus to damage done whenever you crit an enemy. This item is best used for Arena play and is a great addition to any hero’s collection. The damage it can do is high, and its crit chance is extremely high. It will give you an extra 12,000 damage per normal attack if you crit.

Using a low speed Hwayoung

If you have a low speed Hwayoung, you can use this to crit water units. Using a Hwayoung with a low speed will give you a higher chance of hitting your enemies with a high damage spell. However, you have to be careful because a low speed Hwayoung will not one-shot your water units, and they will take a lot of damage. Hence, you need to choose the best weapon for the situation.

If your opponent is a strong ice unit, you can use this banner to deal damage to them. While they may be hard to kill, Hwayoung is one of the best single target attackers in the game, and she deals a lot of damage to ice units. While her kit only scales to a maximum of 1,200 health, it’s easy to see why this unit is such a good choice for uberiuss tooth. Its Uberius Tooth allows her to ignore 100% defense and health, which is a huge plus. As a result, she can do a lot of damage to enemies and is not affected by other units’ health and defense.

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