Sol Badguy and the Epic Seven

Having played many games with different characters and a variety of builds, I can tell you that Sol is my favorite. Here’s why. This legendary mage can easily destroy any opponent, and is a great choice for tanking. Among his best attributes are his speed, Crit. Damage, and Crit Rate scalings. Here are some tips for optimizing your Sol’s build. We’ll also discuss the most common debuffs he can land, and which ones I find most valuable.

Sol Badguy

In the game Sol Badguy and the Epic Seven, players control a Flame of Corruption, a bounty hunter, and Gear-killer. Though he has the ability to harness all elements, he mainly focuses on Fire. This avenging spirit uses fire pillars to attack his enemies and gains Fighting Spirit whenever he scores a critical hit. He also has a powerful hammer that he uses to smash his enemies with.

As a damage dealer, the Sol Badguy has a wider range of damage than the Cermia. This makes him a better choice against high-difficulty bosses and mobs. However, he has a smaller margin of victory. If you’re looking for a unit that can one-shot almost any character, the Sol Badguy is the right choice for your team.

A Fire Warrior, Sol’s Gunflame projectile covers a large area and can threaten an opponent during wakeup. This weapon is effective in PvE, as the damage scales from enemy HP%. Sol’s cleave and sweep are low-profile and can be effective when used correctly. Moreover, his 6P renders much of his upper body invincible, so it’s worth a counterattack on his character.


Cermia is a strong DPS character with a high burst damage potential. She can dish out huge bursts of damage over 2 turns, and her skill set allows her to use her skill 3 twice. This increases her attack and critical damage by 50%. In addition, her attack stats are impressive, and she packs her own CD reset and Greater Atk Up. Here are some tips to help you maximize your performance with Cermia.

For single-target damage and low-difficulty bosses, both Cermia and Sol Badguy have the same stats, which can make them superior. Compared to their damage, they are also more effective against mobs and lower-level bosses. This makes them superior, but not by a great deal. If you are looking for a high-damage unit, Cermia is the better option.


There are a few things to be aware of when playing the epic seven in World of Warcraft. Landy isn’t as tough as she seems, and she is still vulnerable to Sol’s threat. While this is not a deal-breaker, Landy’s S2 isn’t the best move for a team. It can be ignored or CC’d, but it can also one-shot the enemy. That said, she still has a very high chance of hitting an opponent with her swarm.

The earth element ranger is self-sufficient and has a passive bonus attack, meaning she won’t always need an attack buff to be effective. Her dual attacks charge up her skills, and her skill three is a high-damaging AoE attack that pushes all allied combat readiness and penetrates all enemy defenses by 50%. In PvP, Landy is a great option because she can use her skill three twice against an enemy with enough buffs. If she’s using Full Burst, she can also burn her soul for extra effects.


Iseria is an Earth element Ranger who excels at single-target damage and Defense Breaking. She also possesses the coveted Skill 2, which turns battles in a single combo. With her high DPS and good DPS-based damage, Iseria is a great choice for a supportive role. Although she has solid defensive stats, her offensive ability is impressive. She has the third highest Atk among all Rangers.

The new limited unit in Iseria, Epic Seven, is called Summertime Iseria. She attacks all enemies she encounters, granting an Attack boost to all allies for 2 turns. This ability also increases Combat Readiness by 20%, while granting the caster an additional three turns of Evasion. Summertime Iseria was recently revealed during Smilegate’s official patch preview stream. Previously known as the Star of The Deep Sea, she was announced as a Limited Time Summon banner on 26th August 2021.

Junkyard Dog

Junkyard Dog is one of the strongest single-target DPS units in the game, and the free version of the third collaboration is no exception. The artwork is stunning and is printed on high-quality watercolour paper. You’ll be proud to display your Junkyard Dog on your wall, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to buy it. In addition to the free version, the other editions of the collaboration are also available.

Daydream Joker

Daydream Joker is the ultimate boss killer in Epic Seven Sol. In most DPS builds, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Speed are the main focus. In W10, these three stats scale together, making it the best unit in the game. This builds also scales with the appropriate set of debuffs and Aureus. While Daydream Joker is not a great multi-tasker, he is very useful as a tank. If you are a farmer, you can use him to clear W11 in record time. In addition to scalability, he also provides a significant boost to your speed.

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