Epic 7 Specialty Change Quests

Epic Seven

In the latest expansion for the game, Epic 7, you will be able to switch your hero’s specialty. This will give your hero a bonus or buff when he is sent on a mission. There are many ways to find your new specialty. First, you can go to the Hero tab and tap on the specialty icon. Once you’ve done this, you can expand any mission category and find your new specialty.

Adventurer Ras

If you’re considering changing your hero in the Epic Seven expansion, you may want to consider the free character called Adventurer Ras. Although his class isn’t as flashy as the knights in the expansion, he does get a number of great bonuses, including increased speed and bulk. He also gains a 60 percent chance to break an opponent’s defense for one turn and a two-turn immunity buff. Despite being a relatively basic character, he’s still a great choice for PVE teams.

If you’re looking for a versatile class that can do damage and tank, you may want to consider a knight. There are plenty of knights with damage-scaling abilities and can be used in a variety of game modes. The game’s protagonist, Ras, can undergo a specialty change and become the legendary Adventurer Ras. This specialty change is extremely beneficial to Ras, and gives him exceptional utility in all modes.

As for the game itself, it’s pretty decent. The game offers regular updates, though the game does occasionally go into maintenance. Nevertheless, there are a number of benefits, including the community, the story, and the mechanics. This is a surprisingly deep and rewarding RPG, with a strong emphasis on PvE. The game is also a solid choice for new players. While there’s a limited number of heroes, it’s worth giving Epic Seven a try if you’re considering it.


You can make your Adin a different element by completing different missions. This will help you evolve her abilities and stats. This makes her a unique character. You can also find a few secret books which can help you enhance your Adin’s abilities. In addition, she will change her element when you level up. The secret books can be found in your Hero Journal, Star Genealogy, Successor, and Help.

Once you have completed the Specialty Change quest, your Hero will gain 10 additional skills. These skills will further improve your skills and stats. As you level up, you can increase your Hero’s Skill Tree by upgrading her Runes of Kluri and her skills. There is also a new set of skills that you can equip to your Hero. This way, you can make her a powerful hero that can be a strong asset to your team.

Chaos Sect Axe

If you’re currently a three-star Dark Warrior, it’s time to consider making the specialty change to Chaos Sect Axe. This class specializes in breaking down enemies with high damage and defense stats, and has built-in life steal. Alternatively, you can choose to become a Mage and sit backline, offering utility with spells and damage. The following are some reasons why you should consider the specialty change to Chaos Sect Axe.

The Axe is the leader of the Chaos Sect. As the closest follower of the Chaos deity, he uses his authority to spread the chaos’s personal orders. He wears a red helmet with seven holes that glow when attacked. This gives him a chance to increase his damage by up to 6% each time he is attacked. He can also heal himself by using the self-sustain ability.

Chaos Inquisitor

The Chaos Inquisitor is a fanatic enlightened to the ways of Chaos. After leaving the Chaos Sect after an argument with Axe, he was narrowly spared capture by the Rose Apostles. His awakening brought him to his current state, which enables him to hack opponents with a sword. His ability to cause damage to an enemy’s health is quite potent: he has a 35% chance to dispel two buffs, and his damage is proportional to his Health. Additionally, he recovers health as he deals damage, and his damage increases proportionally to the amount of health he loses.

Another trait that makes Blackwall so powerful is his ability to take damage. His damage and ability to take damage make him a great choice for this role. He’s a former criminal who now spends the game atoning for his crimes and helping the Inquisition save the world. However, if you’re romantically attracted to this character, you might want to change your feelings for him. Blackwall can destroy breakable walls in the environment and is capable of taking a lot of damage.

If you’re a fan of Rift Mages, the Inquisitor’s new companion Solas is a great choice. Solas can be an alluring character, but she also has a 45% chance to reduce the target’s Combat Readiness by 3/8/15%. Cullen’s military advice will also come in handy when planning battles.


The Roozid-Reighteous Thief Specialty Change is now available in the game. This change will allow the player to increase the special ability of their character. The Specialty Change Skill 3 will grant Continuous Healing for 2 turns, and 5% CR to allies. It also gives a 25% chance to hit a target with a spear attack. To level this skill tree, players will need to gather 410 Greater Runes and 40 Epic Runes.

Once you’ve unlocked your Hero’s Epic Seven specialty, you’ll have a choice of how to use it in the game. Each Hero has a different specialty, and you’ll want to know how to best use it. You can choose between a range of different bonuses and buffs when you send your character out on a mission. Depending on the specialization you choose, the bonus or buff you’ll get will differ for different missions.

The Roozid specialty change quest is a great way to improve your Hero’s skills and stats. This specialization will help you fight against dark unit defenses and improve your overall health and damage output. Also, you’ll gain more skills, including the legendary Spell Boost. Finally, the Roozid’s specialization will give you access to the legendary Roozid, who can summon powerful creatures.


While it is still early to judge the Kanna in the PVE game mode, she seems like a mediocre PVE unit. The new connection quest is long and tedious and the only areas where she seems good are Golem Hunt and Earth Expedition. Here are the pros and cons of Kanna. And, if you’re wondering whether to buy this unit, keep reading! We will review the pros and cons of each class in a future article!

When comparing the two main classes, you should consider which one is more effective for which game mode. While the game is built around PVP, a good choice for end-game players is a tank. Tanks have the advantage of being able to deal more damage than DPS, and tanky heroes have great CC. While it isn’t ideal for PVE, many end-game players will find Xena useful. She is slow to level, requires a lot of teamwork, and has limited debuffs.

Specialty Changes allow players to make specific 3 heroes evolve into a higher-level class. These changes aren’t instant, though, so players must invest time and farmable materials to complete them. Once the change is complete, the characters have a higher power level and can compete with 4 or 5 star heroes. There are a few advantages to making a change to your hero, though. It may take some time and effort, but the rewards can be well worth the effort.

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