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Epic Seven

The Epic Seven patch notes are live! They are helpful information that you can find on the official website and YouTube channel, hosted by Mashuu and Geguri. They are usually scheduled bi-weekly. In this article, we will discuss the changes that were made to the game, including Hero balance changes, the New Guardian Kazran, and the New Nat 5 unit. We will also touch on the new units and fixes for the Ancient Inheritance.

Hero balance changes

There are several changes in the new patch for Heroes and Artifacts. These changes will improve the balance of the characters. The stats for Heroes have been revised, as compared to those in previous versions. The new versions will increase the production of epic and legendary weapons. This patch also extends the maximum level of equipment for Hero class characters. The changes will affect all players. The new patch will take effect on October 30.

Players can expect the new patch to bring changes to three hero classes and two artifacts. While this patch primarily affects pvp characters, it will also affect the game’s PvE characters. The changes to Ravi and Judge Kise are the most notable alterations. Ravi and Judge Kise will experience increased Critical Hit Resistance, while Blood Blade Karin will gain additional buffs and damage.

The game’s UI will now display the number of available party presets. Players will no longer need to search for the most powerful Hero in their party. In addition, the number of presets has been increased from twelve to twenty. In addition, the Preset UI has been improved, showing more options at a glance. The audio of the game’s characters has been updated. For instance, the voice of One Hero has been added in English.

A problem that occurred when some heroes used their arrows to attack was fixed. Several other changes affect Hero balance. Some heroes now have more options and can now use a second exclusive weapon. A few heroes will also gain a new voice. A new hero named Half Vampire Priscilla will be added to the game, and her weapon is called Eclipse. The game will be more fun with the new hero in the same class.

One of the most noticeable changes to the game’s Arena system is the change in the weapon balance. The Piercing Blaze now increases hitting force and toughness, and the target will be stunned for a shorter amount of time. Additionally, the Implosion has also received a speed boost, and a new English voice. This change will affect some Heroes and the Arena in World 7 Stage one. This update should make it easier for players to play your favorite class.

New Guardian Kazran

The next update to the game will add a new character, Guardian Kazran, to the game. This new character will be able to wander through time and protect Reingar. He can also be added to your party and help you defeat enemies. Currently, the game has four guardians, including Zeaon, Kromcruz, and Arkasus. The announcement of Kazran’s inclusion was made via the game’s official youtube channel. You can watch a short animation of the new character here. The game’s previous update added a new character and puzzle missions, but this latest addition is even better.

The new guardian adds new buffs to the game. These buffs can increase the player’s defense and attack. They can also increase critical chance hits and resistances. These new abilities will greatly increase your ability to fight opponents and defeat them. During the next patch, you can expect to receive more of these buffs to enhance your game experience. The game’s next patch will be released on January 20th, 2022.

Fixed issues in Ancient Inheritance

The Epic Seven patch note is live and it lists a variety of issues that have been fixed. You can check the notes on the official website, where you will find helpful information. The note will also be live-streamed on the official YouTube channel, hosted by Mashuu and Geguri. The notes are normally posted bi-weekly. The following are some of the issues fixed in the patch note:

Guilds that have more than 20 members can continue playing the game; however, the progress of the members will be reset. Likewise, players will not be able to receive more than one Equipment reward from the same boss. Also, players who leave a guild to join another will have their progress and exchange currencies reset. Also, the amount of exploration provisions that can be regenerated daily will depend on the Player Exploration Level and the amount of time left before the next reset.

There were some typos and missing text in the artifact effect text, so the effects of these items could not be read. The patch note also fixes several issues related to the Ancient Inheritance tier, including the ability to make the Artifact a “stunt” (a rare ability that snares an enemy).

The amount of gold included in the game has increased to 800,000 gold. In addition, the Blessing Wheel has been optimized so that spins will earn a random bonus. The higher bonus takes precedence over the lower one. In addition, there are some minor changes to the game’s UI. Some of these fixes include a new icon for the Stamina bar and increased health for the Ancient Rune Pack.

New nat 5 unit

Epic Seven is a turn-based RPG game. Players can join the live stream of the game hosted by Smilegate to receive the latest patch notes. During the live stream, the developers will provide information on new heroes, content updates, and free currencies. Let’s take a look at some of the new additions. – A new nat 5 unit, Zeno! This new unit will be available for summoning in covenant bookmarks after 23rd December 2021.

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