Arc System Works Announces Guilty Gear Strive Maintenance


Arc System recently announced a Guilty Gear Strive maintenance on Twitter. The maintenance will last for an hour and will interrupt online play, although players can still access offline modes during the maintenance. It’s unclear if the maintenance will result in any updates after the completion of the maintenance. However, Arc System recently revealed the first half of its Season Pass 1 content, which includes a new playable character and two new stages.


ArcSys have published the full patch notes for the upcoming Bridget Guilty Gear Strive game. The new addition has been tweaked and has a new look. She also fights with a teddy bear and yo-yo. The game will be available for PS4 and PS5 and PC. It is expected to release in August 2022. For those looking to play Bridget, there are a few important tips you should keep in mind before purchasing the game.

The first thing to do is to check the quality of the existing content on the wiki. Make sure that there are no errors or omissions. This will ensure that the game continues to be playable. Make sure to check out the latest patches for the game before committing to the new Season Pass. These patches will also fix bugs and add new elements. The maintenance period is two hours long and is scheduled to end at 4:00 PT.

Arc System Works has released a trailer for the new game introducing the new Bridget. The trailer shows gameplay footage of the new character, and the developer has also released a character overview for Bridget. Arc System Works gave the game 4 stars for ease of use. This is great news for fans who enjoy playing Guilty Gear. But it also means you can get a taste of the new Bridget and her unique fighting style.

When used properly, Bridget can be useful against most enemies. Her air mobility and reversal abilities make her a viable threat against many opponents. Her speed is high and her yo-yos can fly over the top of the screen, giving her great air mobility. Overdrives can also come in handy. Roger, her ally, provides excellent space control and aids in defense. While she has very low health and zero Guts, she is still one of the best characters to use in the game.


Guilty Gear Strive is one of the best fighting games of last year and has been getting post-launch character support ever since. Baiken is the fourth post-launch character to come along. This samurai is a wandering samurai of Japanese descent. He’s seen his family members killed, and has vowed to seek vengeance on That Man. However, if you want to know more about Baiken, read on.

The move Baiken uses is called the Suzuran, a homophone of the Chinese word Ling Lan? (Lily of the Valley). This is a reference to the song of the same name by the English band Queen, which was featured on the album Sheer Heart Attack. The move and quest have many parallels with the song, and Baiken’s DLC is called “In the Lap of the Kami.”

The character’s appearance has also changed. In addition to wearing black greaves, Baiken now wears a red kimono with a skull on it. In addition, he’s now wearing a gakuran, which looks like a goggle, over his right eye. Baiken also wears a sarashi over his groin area, and his hair is now much fuller. Unlike his Xrd appearance, his katana is now red as well. His waist is now pink, and his hair is a deeper red than before.

A character with a dark past, Baiken is driven by revenge and regret. Although he’s been a natural warrior since childhood, his past is still a source of deep trauma for him. His quest to exact revenge against That Man is rooted in his desire to avenge his family. However, he’s learned to take responsibility for his actions and accept the consequences of his actions. His quest also involves the risk of giving in to his bloodthirsty side.

Bug fixes

A recent update to Guilty Gear Strive has brought numerous fixes and new characters to the action RPG. While the game is still free, the team at Arc System Works has made sure to address recent bugs and problems. The most recent update introduced two new characters: Ky Kiske and Baiken. Players soon found that their characters were interacting with each other in ways that they didn’t intended. As a result, they experienced difficulty in some levels.

Fortunately, the patch for Guilty Gear Strive has now gone live on PS4 and PC. This new update adds a new character, Bridget, and fixes many of the game’s bugs. This update will also add new content to the game, such as more quests and new weapons. The update also adds a new season pass that will unlock new characters. You’ll also be able to get the new character by purchasing the Season Pass, which is available tomorrow.

The latest update for Guilty Gear Strive is 1.19, which will fix some bugs. Among the fixes include some fixes for the game’s multiplayer. The update will also fix a number of issues, including the Homing Jump camera bug, which sometimes occurs during the counter hit effect. Furthermore, the game will also fix some issues with the Mr. Dolphin Vertical button, which would cause a super flash to occur while holding down a button.

Another common issue with the graphics of Guilty Gear -Strive is a blurry image in some instances. This is caused by a bug, and you can solve this problem by adjusting the graphics settings. By doing so, you can make the game run in windowed mode and turn the anti-aliasing setting to a higher setting. This solution works best for PCs and is temporary. If you want a more permanent solution, you can try to change your game’s resolution to 1080p.

Season Pass 2

The “Another Story” release is the final item in the Guilty Gear – Strive Season Pass. It adds new missions and features a demon familiar that will allow players to create their own unique scenes. The “Another Story” release is scheduled for release on the end of April. If you’re a fan of the series, then the “Another Story” update is definitely worth buying.

On September 23, Guilty Gear Strive’s servers will be offline for maintenance for Season Pass 2 and Bridget. This maintenance is scheduled to last about two hours and will prevent players from playing online. However, the offline mode will remain accessible. During the maintenance, Arc System hasn’t revealed whether they’ll release any updates for the game after the maintenance. They recently released the first part of Season Pass 1 content, which included a playable character and two new stages.

Arc System Works also revealed the update’s patch notes, confirming that it is based on the GGS update version 1.21. The update also includes a list of bug fixes and new elements. Players should be prepared to experience long downtimes while playing the game. A Season Pass is highly recommended for all Guilty Gear fans. Just remember to check out the game’s website before purchasing it.

A second season of DLC is in the works for Guilty Gear Strive, including an additional character, Dickinson. Dickinson is the first new character in the Season Pass, and the next fighter will come in August 2021. The third character will be unlocked in the latter part of the year. The third fighter will follow later, while the fourth will appear sometime in 2022. In addition to DLC, there are two new Battle Stages, a new color pack, and more. Guilty Gear Strive is currently available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

Server maintenance

Server maintenance for Guilty Gear Strive is coming tomorrow, July 27. It will be happening early in the morning, when most gamers are already asleep. It will be about two hours long, and the developers will be making a few changes to the game as well. Official patch notes will be made available tomorrow. During this time, you should expect minor bugs to be fixed, as well as minor system changes. You should expect a new character and new weapons to be added, so keep an eye out for this!

Despite the news of the upcoming update, players should be able to enjoy the new fighter and other new features. Arc System Works also confirmed that there will be some server downtime during the time the game is being updated. While the update will bring dozens of bug fixes, the biggest change is that it will make connecting to the game easier. As a result, the update should help minimize the game’s downtime.

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