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Epic Seven’s latest update has introduced a new character, the great chief khawana. This character is a melee mage with an extremely powerful third skill, but it’s not a great fit for PvE play. This article aims to answer your questions about the new great chief, and give you a few things to keep in mind when playing her. First, she relies too heavily on one off-turn attack, and is only effective in PvE.

Epic Seven’s latest update introduces great chief khawana

The March 25 update for Epic Seven has introduced a new four-star hero: Great Chief Khawana. This new character has a bubbly personality, stunning art style, and a variety of new spells. Before you play this hero, you should know a few basics about her stats and skills, as well as her unique lore. Here’s what you need to know to maximize your potential as a Great Chief Khawana player.

As with any other Hero in the game, you should consider the passives available to this character. Fortunately, the passive for Great Chief Khawana gives you a nice 20% Crit Chance. Additionally, the passive for this hero increases her damage output with her s3 (spell 3) at full skill. The only drawback is that her passive only works against Dual Attack and situational 2-turn Restricts. Although this is not a very practical ability, it makes her a good candidate for the Caides Hunt. However, Caides Hunt isn’t very frequently farmed.

She’s only usable in PvE

As a great PvE character, the Great Chief Khawana is a very strong choice if you want to get to 100% crit rate. Her passive improves your crit chance by 20% and her s3 makes your damage output higher. It is important to note that the Great Chief Khawana only procs her second skill if an enemy triggers a Dual Attack. This makes the Great Chief Khawana a prime candidate for farming the Caides Hunt, however, since the sets aren’t used very often.

This hero was chosen by Malicus in the Great Chief Exam. He unites all tribes into one Meldrec. However, the Inferno Khawazu wreaks havoc, and Khawana is unable to defeat him. Thus, his lore is rather unique. This hero’s spells and abilities are very unique compared to others in the game, and you’ll enjoy them a lot.

As an Epic Seven hero, Great Chief Khwana has three abilities. His first skill, Vertical Cut, increases damage dealt. Vertical Cut increases the damage dealt by 75% and causes a burning effect on enemies. If you use this skill correctly, you can enrage enemies for two turns. This effect is a good choice for single-target attacks. This hero’s passive is only usable in PvE, but it isn’t great for PvP, so if you’re only looking to do PvP, this hero is not for you.

She has a Dispel on her third skill

If you’re looking to farm for cheap, high-end damage, Great Chief Khawana is a good choice. She has an easy build with only a few skills, but her passive increases your Crit Chance by 20%. This passive only works when she is fully skilled, so it is situational. The only real downside of Great Chief Khawana is that her Dispel doesn’t work in every conflict.

The passive of Great Chief Khawana depends on her enemy’s Dual Attack. As such, she’s only good for PvE, as her passive triggers when she hits an enemy with an off-turn attack. The passive is also too reliant on a single enemy attack to be useful in PvP. You’ll have to constantly keep an eye out for enemy Dual Attacks, though.

She relies too much on one specific off-turn attack

The first problem with Great Chief Khawana is her one specific off-turn attack. This is a problem because the damage skill only works on Light units, and it has a two-turn restriction. Also, her second skill is not very versatile and doesn’t fit in every conflict. Despite the weaknesses, the Great Chief Khawana is still an excellent choice for those who need to deal a lot of damage quickly.

A second problem with Great Chief Khawana is her passive, which is dependent on enemy Dual Attacks. This is a problem in PvP because it limits her use to a single opponent. The passive can also make her very reliant on one particular attack, which is not ideal for PVP. It would be better if her passive were more versatile and could trigger when enemies perform off-turn attacks.

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