Epic 7 Clever Heroes – Arbiter Vildred

When it comes to cleavers in epic 7, Arbiter Vildred stands out in a good way. Not only is he a free revive, but he also has a high damage S3 and a cooldown-free Revive mechanic. Here are some of the best ways to play him. You can use the tips in this article to build a winning team with him. But before you make your first purchase, consider these tips.

Arbiter Vildred is a cleaver

If you are looking for a cleave hero that has decent damage, Arbiter Vildred should be a good choice. He is a good choice in a wide range of situations, but he’s particularly good against revived allies, as he receives a 30% damage buff on all of his abilities. He also gets an ATK up buff when revived, making him ideal for clearing up the battlefield.

In PVP, Vildred is a good choice, as he is able to one-shot entire mob packs. At higher levels, Vildred can even cleave the boss’s minions – an excellent trait for a cleaver! His S1 attack hits two enemies and buffs his Combat Readiness and Attack by 20%. He also has a passive that activates a massive AoE attack, focusing all enemies around him. This makes him a good choice for PVP, as well as guild wars.

Arbiter Vildred is a great option for PVE. He has high AoE ratios, a soulburn passive and is a great choice if you want to deal maximum damage. While he has been nerfed and had counters released, he’s still a solid pick in the PVE meta. You can even use Vildred if you want to play in PvM.

He has a free revive

If you’re playing PvP, Arbiter Vildred is a great choice. He can put out a lot of damage at once, and his free revive is especially useful against teams with low health. As a bonus, his free S3 attack is very powerful, and it resets every time you kill something. Additionally, he has access to several artifacts to improve his overall composition.

While there are other options, Vildred is still a solid choice. His free revive is great if you’re just starting out, and he has a great range of offensive and defensive skills. He also has great damage, so he can often be used as a primary farmer. You can also use his free speed imprint to cleave boss minions and help your team AoE.

Arbiter Vildred is a powerful character in Epic 7, so it’s worth checking him out. This Dark Thief can revive anyone at any time, and he also has a free revive. Unlike some of his other heroes, he doesn’t require you to spend any money to get this unique ability. If you’re interested in gaining a new hero to help you progress in the game, Arbiter Vildred is a great choice.

He has a high damage S3

In the PvP meta, Arbiter Vildred is a strong DPS option. He has a high damage S3 and is free to revive, making him very good against squishy PvP cleave teams. Arbiter Vildred’s first skill lowers the combat readiness of 2 enemies. His S3 attack is a very strong option, since it allows you to put out significant damage at least once. He also has a very high CR boost, which makes him very deadly against teams with low health.

As a 3 star unit, Arbiter Vildred is a great choice for a one-shot team, and he can follow up his S3 with a S2 nuke or soul burn, which provides extinction. For optimal performance, he also has good artifacts, such as the Symbol of Unity and Exorcist’s Tonfa.

Arbiter Vildred has a very high S3 and is a great option for a mid-range team. His ability to cause massive damage is a unique and impressive trait. In addition, he has excellent AoE and DPS ratios. Arbiter Vildred is not the only one with this trait, as BB. Karin is also a strong cleave option with a high AoE multi. Furthermore, she grants an extra attack on kill.

He has a cooldown-free S2

Arbiter Vildred is a five star Dark element unit from Epic Seven. His class is Thief, which makes him an all-rounder on the game. His S1 attacks two enemies and reduces Combat Readiness by 10%. His S3 attacks all enemies and reduces Hit Chance for two turns. This ability is cooldown-free and resets when you kill something.

Summertime Iseria can plant two bombs on an enemy and detonate another. She can deal incredible burst damage. Arbiter Vildred can deal tremendous damage using artifacts. His third skill, Watcher Schuri, can even delete enemy units. All three of these units have a cooldown-free S2 and are excellent choices for high-damage teams.

As a tank, Vildred is great for grinding. Her cooldown-free S2 makes her a great farm. She also has great damage for her class. She has an AOE that does decent damage for a tank. Vildred’s passive is a cooldown-free S2. It’s also a good tank and can be used in RTA.

Arbiter Vildred is an excellent damage dealer in PVE. She can also be used with Tamarinne and Adventurer Ras, which can force dual attacks and apply defense breaks to enemies. If you’re going on an Azimanak hunt, your team needs teammates that can boost your DPS. Boosting your DPS with teammates who have the right gear is essential for a quick composition.

He is a Dark element unit

The Arbiter Vildred is a five star unit from the Dark element in Epic Seven. This Dark element unit is a Thief class hero. She has a range of skills and is an excellent all-round unit. Her S1 and S3 skills reduce enemies’ Combat Readiness by 10% and 40%, respectively. When full, her S3 also reduces the Hit Chance of all enemies. When she’s killed, she’ll restore 70 percent health, allowing her to perform her ultimate.

While the Arbiter Vildred has a low defence, it is still capable of dealing huge damage to enemy heroes and players alike. Arbiter Vildred’s ultimate skill, the Dark Blade, can attack any enemy and deal massive damage. Despite the low defense, the Arbiter Vildred’s skills help her survive in the long run. It is a great choice for a team that wants to survive in the long run.

In the Epic 7 PvP mode, the Arbiter Vildred’s AoE damage is a bit low, so it’s best to play this unit alongside another DPS unit. Arbiter Vildred’s DPS is also quite low, but it helps your DPS units get additional turns. This unit has a base HP of 35, so it’s a great choice for a team of warriors or paladins.

He is a clean sweeper

If you’re looking for an archdemon, Arbiter Vildred is a solid pick. The knight was once a believer in the Covenant and Goddess, but has since betrayed both. His powers come from the power of the Archdemon Anghraf. As such, he can be quite powerful. He has a high health pool, and is very powerful in combat.

Arbiter Vildred is a cleave-based Hero with high base SPD, full blind-inflicting AoE, and free revive. He can sustain his S3 while killing one target, and even has a small CR knockback on S1. His high HP and SPD make him an excellent choice for PvP cleave teams, and he makes a great counter to himself.

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