Troublemaker Crozet – A Guide to Building a Tank in World of Warcraft

Aside from being a decent tank, the Troublemaker Crozet has some decent exclusive equipment as well. It has 40% Combat Readiness, which is an impressive and important boost. It also gains all Knight Artifacts. So, if you are looking to build a tank for the right situation, you should check out the Troublemaker Crozet. It is worth the money! However, there are some drawbacks to this tank.

Character traits

If you’re looking for a troublemaker crozet character trait, you’ve come to the right place. This mercenary, which looks a lot like Tywin, has a lot of defensive capabilities and has the ability to stun his opponents. However, in order to maximize its effectiveness, you must spend souls on it. As a result, this character is best used in PvP. In PvE, the Troublemaker Crozet has limited abilities. Currently, he only has three skills: Pledgeguard and Soulburn.

While Crozets can’t stun bosses, they can cover one other hero. Single-target cleansing is an area that Crozets excel at, so if you’re looking for a single target hero, Crozets are excellent choices. Other good single target cleanse options include Destina, Achates, Lilias, and Montmorancy. Troublemaker Crozet character traits are flexible and strong.

Another advantage of Crozet is his kit. His skills pair well with slot efficient units. His skill 3 provides additional barriers to Diene, providing Crit resistance for his entire team. This means that his DPS can be protected and he can trigger powerful combinations on defense. As a result, Crozet performs well in the real-time arena. While Crozet doesn’t have any special abilities, he’s a versatile character that can be useful in any game mode.


The main focus of the Troublemaker Crozet’s equipment is to protect the most important hero. His damage-absorbing abilities will absorb any damage dealt to him by an ally in the back row. The buffs that he gains from these buffs will help him counter any attacks made by enemies and he can also grant himself a critical hit resistance or barrier depending on his class. The other major focus of his equipment is to keep his units alive.

The Powder of Knowledge shop rotates every 24 hours and will move your heirs to the Summon page. This item increases your chance to counterattack by 15%. The exclusive equipment that the Silver Lion can give you was not being applied properly to the Troublemaker Crozet, even though it was equipped by the character. This was a bug introduced when the Silver Lion’s Protection was not applied to Troublemaker Crozet. Furthermore, if you had a Troublemaker Crozet, his equipment didn’t show the correct weapon image.


When choosing artifacts for Troublemaker Crozet, it’s important to remember that he doesn’t benefit from the same passives as other heroes. For instance, Adamant Shield does not stack with passives that have the same wording. However, it does give him an added bonus of protecting against 50% damage from back-row heroes. As such, he is an excellent candidate to use A.Shield. Green Armin is another great candidate. It also adds damage mitigation to his already excellent DPS-dmg and Crit. Dmg mitigation.

In PVP, the Troublemaker Crozet is a tank who can absorb ally damage and neutralize enemy counterattacks. Its passive ability can also dramatically increase the survivability of an ally. This passive ability is significantly bigger than the Aurius artifact and can be combined with Adamant Shield to greatly increase an ally’s survivability. And if you use the skill properly, the damage it deals can be neutralized in just a few seconds.

Specimen Sez

The primary role of the Troublemaker Crozet is to protect the most important hero in the team. He does this by absorption damage from an ally in the back row, and boosts his combat readiness when his ally is attacked. His ability to counterattack and dispel buffs makes him a versatile champion, and he can also grant himself an increased critical hit resistance and barrier depending on his class. The Troublemaker Crozet’s abilities can also help extend the life of other units in the team.

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