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Epic Seven

There are some changes coming to Epic Seven today. For starters, Ervalen’s skill descriptions have been updated. In Episode 1 South Theranhad, you can also exchange AP with Ervalen. There are also a few other changes, so make sure to check out the official community for details. You can also find out what these changes mean for your character’s stats, skill descriptions, and more. Hopefully these changes will make your game more enjoyable.

Changes to Ervalen’s skill descriptions

There were some changes to Ervalen’s skill descriptions during today’s epic seven maintenance, including the addition of a new “Soulburn” buff and the change to the description for the exclusive equipment-option 2 skill Indomitable Spirit. You can read the full patch notes below for more information. While Ervalen is an excellent choice for a tank or a DPS, his unique playstyle is best suited for a speed team. For a defense team, you will want to have high-level artifacts to outspeed him, but you will also need to be fast enough to buff him while the other team is trying to take him down.

A 5* Earth Thief, Ervalen packs some good damage with massive scaling and defensive utilities in immunity and barrier. This makes him a great choice for teams that need to counter attack reliably, as well as for PvP. In PvP, he is a powerful choice for tanking, but he is also a reliable one-shot option against a Banshee.

Changes to AP exchange in Episode 1 South Theranhad, Episode 4

The AP exchange is no longer provided in episode four, but instead, is unlocked upon completion of the unlock condition. Some AP Exchanges also offer a short story on their first entry, and the ‘Episode 4’ category will be added to the Story Journal. In Episode four, Theranhad, Ras embarks on his ship to the Summer Shrine to form an alliance with the Summer Lord Theranhad. As Ran chases him, he meets Adin who is running errands for the Summer Shrine. The Dawn of a New Era is at hand in South Theranhad.

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