Guilty Gear Maintenance


Guilty Gear Strive is undergoing maintenance tomorrow! Besides fixing bugs, the update will tweak the battle balance and add changes to overheads and projectile special moves. According to the official Twitter account, @GUILTYGEAR_PR, this maintenance will last two hours. Players are advised to avoid the game during this time, as there is a chance that servers will be down for some time. However, the maintenance does not seem to be affecting the game’s performance.

Season Pass 2

The upcoming Guilty Gear Jahed Season Pass is due for release on August 8th. Players can purchase the season pass separately or as part of the SP2 package. The developers of the game, Arc System Works, have already released a trailer that shows gameplay of the new character Bridget. The developer also rates her character’s usability at four stars, indicating that it will be relatively easy for players to adjust to her new abilities.

Players should prepare for the maintenance on August 8 because it will add new characters to the game and fix bugs. This maintenance will take place between 00:0002:00 PDT and 09:0011:00 CEST. Players should keep this in mind as the actual date may vary depending on where they are located in the world. The game will be offline between 00:0002:00 PDT and 09:0011:00 CEST on August 8.

The Season Pass 2 contains two new battle stages and two new characters. Bridget, who appeared in Guilty Gear X2, will return to the game with the new DLC character. This season pass will also feature the second color pack. There are also new DLC characters planned for the game. The developers also described Bridget as “a quick-to-learn” character with excellent movement. However, it may be too soon to judge what the season pass will offer for the game, but they have outlined some details about the DLC.

The new update will also fix various bugs in the game, such as the crashing of the results screen when the Player 1 controller was used, or crashing if multiple controllers were connected. Players can now use the L1/R1 buttons to align their cursor on the Results Screen. This will save them time when placing figures. It’s also important to note that the player’s level will not be affected by this update.


There is a series of stories in the video game series centered around the bounty hunter Bridget. Born to wealthy parents, she became a bounty hunter and uses a yo-yo in battle. She often fights alongside her partner Roger. This is one of the many themes of the game. It’s not entirely clear whether or not she’s a girl or a boy, but we can assume that she’s a female.

In previous Guilty Gear games, Bridget was identified as male, and other characters referred to her as such. Her twin brother was a boy. However, there is a superstition in the area that twins of the same gender are a bad omen. In this case, her parents chose to raise her as a girl and gave her a proper education. Although Bridget’s identity has been questioned by the community, it’s largely considered a positive aspect of the character.

Besides being a popular character in the Guilty Gear series, she’s also a fan favorite. She made her debut in Guilty Gear X2 and was voted one of the game’s most popular characters. In addition to Bridget, there are plans to add three new characters to the game in Season Pass 2.

The character’s trans status has also been controversial, but the developers have tried to make amends for the transphobia surrounding the series. The game’s English bio explains that Bridget identifies as a woman, and she’s “born a girl.” Despite being misrepresented as a woman, she’s still portrayed as a man by other characters. This is one of the few instances in the video game world where a trans character is a popular choice.

Despite being a new character, Arc System Works has made it easy to get started with Bridget. In fact, the developer has even released a beginner’s guide for her as well as the other playable characters. It’s clear that Bridget’s new character is going to be easy to get used to, and will give players an enjoyable experience. However, the game’s gameplay isn’t without its issues, so we’ll have to wait and see how it unfolds in future updates.

As for the gameplay itself, Bridget has several types of game play. One of them is the arcade mode. While you can find some of the same dialogue in both games, the dialogues between the characters change as you progress through the levels. If you want to experience more of the game’s arcade mode, you should check out a video that shows her interacting with her arcade mode. The video also paints a different picture than the one published by Chaos Productions Inc.

Monthly maintenance

Arc System Works has announced that there will be a maintenance for Guilty Gear Strive in early July. This maintenance will take place for approximately two hours and will include bug fixes and improvements. The maintenance will be carried out in the early morning of July 1st in North America. The maintenance is not expected to affect play during the holiday period. Afterwards, servers will be back up in about an hour. For more information, check out the developer’s website.

Arc System announced the maintenance on Twitter. The monthly maintenance will last for one hour, during which players will be unable to play online. However, the game will still be playable offline. However, the company has not yet revealed if there will be additional updates once the maintenance is complete. However, the developer recently revealed the first part of Season Pass 1 content. This included a new playable character and two new stages. This means that the game will be updated regularly.

After the March 28 maintenance, Guilty Gear Strive’s new Digital Figure mode will be available. The new feature allows players to customize characters by adjusting their expressions, camera angles, and filters. Once complete, players can upload their new creations to the internet to share with friends. The new DLC character will be released in April, but the update date has not yet been announced. While fans are eagerly waiting for the new release, they won’t be able to play the game until the end of this month.

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