Caides 13 Team Guide – Caides 13 Team Guides

The new features of Caides, the Demon Assassin, change the way AUTOs play the game. She now has Demon’s Armor and can target enemies with the highest Danger Level. This will change how AUTOs play and the way they counter other AUTOs. If you want to counter an AUTO’s ability to reset the Danger Level, you should use a Defense Breaker or Defense Dispel. Then, use a Caides non-attack skill to dispel their Defense Break.

Her S3 is a full heal

Yuna is a high school girl who has been chosen by the Guardian Kazran. She is obsessed with technology and makes a drone called Tuna to protect herself on Orbis. Her S3 heal can hit hard as a damage dealer, so most players build her speed to use as an attack buffer. However, she can also be a useful healer, as she has a full heal.

Her S2 is a team defense buff

Bellona’s S1 buff provides a large amount of damage, a quarter of enemy health removed, which is extremely useful for sub-DPS builds. While Bellona’s S2 buff isn’t quite as powerful as her S1, it is the most valuable one in the game. With that buff, Bellona can also act as a sub-DPS, as well as a defense buff.

Luluca’s S2 is a good team defense buff, and the tank can get a shield every turn. She also has a reasonable defense breaker, but it is less effective than Tanaror Guard. Her 75% chance on a four-turn cooldown will ruin your W11 runs. Luluca’s barrier is useful for sustain, but the buff will get stripped after a single hit. Her S2 also gives a team two buffs, and it can be a nuisance if you have too many of them.

Her S1 applies glancing hit debuff

A Glancing Hit is a type of attack that deals less damage. It increases the damage you deal if you meet two or more criteria. In addition, it will not activate the Despair rune set effect or reduce your attack gauge. Most skills that apply damaging effects do not activate when you make a glancing hit. Some skills also cannot activate when you make a glancing hit, like the One-Hit Kill skill, which will not work at all with this debuff. However, there are some attacks that explicitly specify this effect.

Her S1 buffs attack

Ysera is a rogue and she can buff your allies. Her S1 buff increases your CR by 15% and your maximum attacks increase by 30%. This is a great spell to pair with Diene. Her Def and ATK increase modifiers are still the same regardless of your health, but her S3 will attack more enemies with a 50% attack increase. If you kill an enemy while under the effect of this spell, you will gain five souls.

Her S1 buffs attack caides thirteen. This effect will stack up to three times. This effect will make your team’s attack and CR more effective and help your team’s overall performance. It’s important to keep her CR high since she’ll have to reapply it to heal yourself. Also, if you have any support units, make sure they attack the crystal. This will make the fight last longer and increase your chances of a restart.

Her S1 debuffs defense

Caides has the ability to gain a Danger Level from her S1 debuffs and will target a hero with the highest Danger Level to attack with her S1 skill. If she is able to hit a hero, she will be rewarded with the Demon’s Armor and can then reset the Danger Level with a non-attack skill. This new ability changes the way AUTOs play and will make it difficult to be a successful team without Caides. While defense breakers are a great way to counter or offset Danger Level, Caides can also be used as a healer or tank.

Her S1 buffs defense

Caides is a high-level light tank, who has the ability to heal almost any unit and gives them a defense buff. Her skills include her S1 team defense buff, her S2 full heal, and her S3 glancing hit debuff. She is a good choice for teams that face Apocase Ravi and ML Ken. Her S2 buff increases defense by 80%, and her S3 heal gives a massive amount of health.

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