Guilty Gear Maintenance Update


Arc System and Bandai Namco have announced the next maintenance work on Guilty Gear Strive Online. Starting tomorrow morning, servers will be down for about two hours to undergo maintenance. Official patch notes will be available tomorrow. The maintenance will take place on both PC and Mac. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause players. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. Stay tuned to the official website for more details.

Season Pass 2

In the upcoming update for GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE, the online servers will be unavailable for two hours to fix bugs and add new characters. Players can expect the servers to be back up by 4:00pm PT. This update will also include new weapons and armor, and the ability to play as a team against up to four opponents. In addition, this update will bring new characters and battle stages. Players should be able to get the update on their PS4 and Xbox One.

The Season Pass 2 for Guilty Gear -Strive adds four more playable characters, new character colors, and new stages. Although GGST Season Pass 2 is separate from the main product, it can be purchased separately. To install the Season Pass, you will need to own the main product, and make sure you’re using the latest updates. The update also includes PlayStation(r)5 content, which you can find at the PlayStation(r)Store.

The first of the four new characters in the GGST Season Pass is Bridget, the sixth playable DLC character. Bridget will feature long-range attacks, movement options, and a new teddy bear. Players can expect to be able to play Bridget on PS4 and PS5, as well as PC. The new update will be released on August 8th, 2022. This update is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

This update is expected to be lengthy, and is a must-have for all Guilty Gear fans. The new update will require players to download a new update. ArcSystem has not yet revealed the full list of changes, but is expected to reveal them in a separate article. This update also has an optional DLC character, Baiken. But if you’re planning on buying this new DLC character, you should plan ahead.


Many people have argued that Bridget is a transgender character in the video game “Guilty Gear,” but that’s not the only criticism. There’s a large community of transgender fans. Fans of the series can also be found cosplaying Bridget. In the past, the trans status of Bridget had led to tired jokes about her sexuality and gender identity. These tired tropes had made it uncertain whether Bridget would return to the Guilty Gear franchise. Fortunately, despite the criticisms, Arc System Works has embraced her transgender identity and is welcoming her to the franchise.

While she is friendly and polite, the young Bridget has a dark side. Her mother has a reputation for being an airhead. This is not a problem for Bridget because she’s always up for a good time. She’s a little bit of a nutcase but she’s still a nice girl! It doesn’t stop her from getting into trouble, though. Although she’s an airhead, she doesn’t know it, and she likes to make a fuss.

Before she could become a full-fledged character, Bridget first gained popularity as a fan favorite in the Guilty Gear series. When her character made her debut in Guilty Gear X2, Bridget became the most popular character in the series. After her initial appearance, Arc System Works introduced her as playable character during the Season Pass 2.

Another recurring character in Guilty Gear is Bridget. She has a lockdown style that makes her a dangerous ally. Bridget can use her yo-yo in battle to bait her opponent into following him or her. She can also use it to nail an opponent when the yo-yo overlaps. In addition to her lockdown style, she has a unique walking animation.

Upcoming patch

The Guilty Gear Strive game is going to be undergoing a patch tomorrow morning. The patch will add a new character and fix bugs, along with implementing some minor system changes. It is expected to last for two hours. If the maintenance time goes longer than that, Arc System Works will notify users and update the game accordingly. If you’re curious what the update patch will include, read on for more details.

Update 1.14 for Guilty Gear Strive is out. This new patch will address issues with May, Faust, Zato-1, and I-NO, as well as fix some game modes. Arc System Works says the patch will fix numerous known issues and will significantly improve the game’s network stability. The update also promises to fix many bugs, so stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the new patch!

The latest update is coming to the popular fighting game Guilty Gear: Strive. It will make some significant changes to the character balance, including nerfs to Anji Mito, Leo Whitefang, and Jack-O Valentine. This update also includes new game modes, new stages, and the addition of Baiken as a playable character. The patch notes also describe many new updates to the Guilty Gear – Strive game.

Another major update will include more content for the second season of Guilty Gear Strive. The upcoming update will introduce new stages and characters, as well as a competitive season. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it will be updated for Xbox One and PlayStation 5. In addition to updates to the gameplay, new DLC characters will be added in the future. A number of players have already bought this game, and Arc System Works has released a list of all characters and DLCs.

Server downtime

Arc System Works has announced that the server downtime for Guilty Gear Strive will take place early tomorrow morning, July 27. The maintenance is expected to last around two hours. It will include fixes for errors and adjustments to the game’s battle balance. The game will also feature a new character. If the maintenance is longer than two hours, the game will let players know in advance. The game is available now on PS5, PC, and Xbox One.

A few months ago, developers had to take the servers down for maintenance. This downtime caused issues with the network and the game’s connections. Some people also had difficulty viewing large amounts of play data in the network. The team is working to fix these problems as soon as possible. The servers should be back up as early as 2:00 am GMT or 3:10 am PST on Friday. During this maintenance, the game will be unavailable from 10 pm CEST through 2:20 AM GMT.

While the server downtime is frustrating, it is a necessary one. During this time, the game’s servers are unavailable for Bridget and Season Pass 2 maintenance. The downtime is expected to last two hours. After the maintenance, the servers will be back up by 4:00 PT. For players who purchased a Season Pass, the new update will bring a new customization option for player rooms. A handful of characters will also get fixes and bug fixes in the new patch.

A second season of Guilty Gear Strive is also on the way. It will feature new characters, new stages, a competitive season, and other updates. A new character, Bridget, is currently available. More updates are expected over the next year. The game has already hit over one million sales. The updates are also going to bring dozens of bug fixes and some overall gameplay improvements. If you’re looking for an online experience that’s not affected by downtime, be sure to check out the latest news from Arc System Works.

Season Pass 2 release date

On August 8th, GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE will go through maintenance. The work will add new characters, update existing content, and fix bugs. It will be performed between 00:0002:00 and 09:0011:00 (PDT), depending on your time zone. If you’re interested in purchasing the Season Pass, you’ll have until July 30 to get it. During that time, you can get access to new character DLC, including Baiken.

The second Season Pass will add four new fighters to the game. As previously announced, Bridget will be the first. She will be the sixth playable character in Season Pass 2. Bridget will be a long-range fighter with movement options. Arc System Works has also announced the release date of the Guilty Gear Jahed DLC. Arc System Works has given the DLC a four-star ease-of-use rating, and has a full character overview.

In addition to releasing a second Season Pass, Guilty Gear Strive has recently released its first color pack. In addition, the game will add two new battle stages and four new playable characters. The game has sold over a million copies since its launch. However, fans have been hoping for an announcement about the second Season Pass character. This week’s update is disappointing, but it’s worth waiting for. There are several other updates coming soon for the game, including the first DLC character for the game.

The second Season Pass will add two new DLC characters to Guilty Gear Strive. This includes Bridget, a long-range character with excellent movement. Another color pack will be released later. This will allow players to customize their characters for different purposes. Those who wish to add extra characters should consider purchasing the Season Pass. If you’re already a player of the game, you can make use of the new content to customize your character to your liking.

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