World of Warcraft Azmakalis Guide


The Azmakalis power has awakened the ancient lords of Azimanus. They have begun to seek revenge on the Azmakalis. Players can earn Malicious Bug Charms by defeating Queen Azumashik. The Charms can also be bought from the Logistics Officer’s shop. The reset will occur Monday at 18:00 UTC and players will not be able to enter the Labyrinth for 5 hours before the reset. If they complete the Labyrinth before the reset, they will receive the normal reward for clearing it.

Raid boss

The Azmakalis raid boss can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. It has many mechanics and requires skill. You should use your party composition to maximize the chances of success. Depending on the composition of your party, Immune or Cleanse effects can make the fight go more smoothly. Having a Wonderous Potion Vial handy will also help. You can also buff your heroes with full health or use Silence to avoid the Wild Slash. Then, defeat the minions in the Azmakalis raid boss.


There are many types of Azmakalis heroes in the game. Depending on the situation, you might want to use a hero that’s designed to support other heroes or work in a general team. Heroes that work well in general teams are those that can unleash multiple consecutive AOE attacks, which helps speed up battles. If you’re a new player, you may be tempted to go with the OG farmer, Vildred. Arbiter Vildred is a 5* Moonlight Hero, which is rare for new players.

Azimanak 13 – The Azimanak has a huge amount of HP and Def, with 80% Effect Resistance and 208 Speed. He uses his powerful kit to deal damage to his opponents, as well as summon eggs. The eggs have 9160 HP and 600 Def, so clearing them every turn is critical to a successful clear. If you are using an AoE Hero, it will be a good idea to bring an X-Train and some other AoE Heroes.

The new Epic Seven update contains several improvements to the game. It includes a number of changes that affect both heroes and artifacts. For instance, Vivian has a 50% increase in attack, Elena has a 50% increase in health and Pavel has a 30% increase in defence. Other heroes have received improvements to their health and attack as well. And as always, there are a number of changes to the game that affect both players and artifacts.

New players should focus on Imprinting heroes rather than the elite ones. This new feature will allow players to increase their heroes’ stats without increasing the cost of their gear. Aside from granting extra health and defense, players can also get rare items such as Azerite flints, glyphs, and elixir. Boosting your heroes with equipments will help you reach higher levels faster and avoid paying for the privilege.


Getting good gear from the “Azamakalis” raid can be a real chore if you’re not an experienced player. However, this raid provides weekly/monthly drops of useful gear. Unlike the dungeons, you don’t need to farm the items for long to get the gear you need. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time in Azmakalis.

Team composition

In general, a good Azmakalis team composition will include multiple single target DPS and a support. The team composition should also include the following: dispel, AoE, and cleanse. Dispel will help the team to avoid Bleed effects while the Azimanak is constantly destroying eggs. The cleanse will keep the team alive when Bleed effects occur. The team composition should also include a single target DPS that can supplement Azimanak’s damage. This may include other supports to help with damage.


The Azmakalis is a unique Hero with a number of scaling effects. Tenacious Vigor grants full cleanse and increased Attack on enemies who have 3 or more debuffs. It also gives an extra turn and increases Critical Hit Chance. In addition, it offers 80% mitigation against Single Attacks while eggs are alive, and greatly reduces healing. It also has a Death Trap effect, which deals high damage and detonates all Bleeds and Poisons.

Despite its unique abilities, the Azmakalis has certain team requirements. The requirements are not strict, but are flexible enough to accommodate different compositions. The damage increases will increase clear rates and speed up the fight in general. Alternatively, you can consider having a Tamarinne + Iseria core. This combination will solve most of the team’s problems and provide a strong DPS presence. Additionally, Vildred has excellent AoE DPS and additional mitigation.

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