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Epic Seven WikiMagic Nail: This spell deals damage proportional to its max Health. It also has a fixed chance to stun for 1 turn. It is a great addition to any spellbook. However, you’ll want to avoid using it on your first turn in the game, and we’ll cover this later. In the meantime, let’s look at the main differences between the Epic Seven WikiMagic Nail and the other spells.


The Chloe epic seven magic nail build requires constant buffing since she has medium Health and Defense. It also requires two turns to kill the target and deal damage. However, with HP% subs, you can mitigate this problem. You should also keep in mind that Chloe is not the fastest hero in the game. If you’re planning to play her, you should try other build options first.

When it comes to damage, Chloe is among the best in PvP. She has a powerful Hyper Strike that deals insane damage and is boosted by Soulburn. Her damage over time is also decent, especially if you can keep hitting Nailed targets. Finally, she has the highest Speed stat of any Warrior. These stats make her a good choice for new players and are dependent on what gear you have equipped.

This build is known for being fast, so you’ll want to make sure to invest in your tank’s health. If you’re going to use a tank, you’ll need Fallen Cecilia, Achates, or Blaze Dingo. If you’re going to use two AOEs, you should focus on using Song of Stars, Aurius, or Tagehel’s Ancient Book to give Chloe an extra turn.

For secondary DPS, Chloe can be an excellent choice, as her Magic Nail debuff guarantees at least one debuff. In addition to this, she also provides 2% extra max health damage. This makes Chloe a solid option, especially when combined with the other two. Moreover, her Magic Nail debuff can be stacked, which makes her even more potent.

SS. Bellona

SS. Bellona is an excellent choice for any level 70 DPS tank. The attack buff she provides is a big plus for this tank, and it’s also great for providing AoE damage to her enemies. The damage she deals is delayed by a third, which is an excellent way to make your tanks tanky. Moreover, Bellona’s S1 also provides a target and 50% chance to break the defense.

Chloe provides a lot of support to the team, and her Magic Nail does a fixed percentage of enemy health. Bellona offers additional AoE and Target, and can also add debuffs. Both characters have great synergy when they’re in a team. It’s also important to remember that Chloe can cast a debuff when she needs to, so you have to space out your Magic Nail casts.

SS. Bellona’s

SS. Bellona’s Epic Seven Magic Nail is one of the most powerful damage spells in the game. Bellona can break a unit’s defense and deal damage to nearby units, but she is vulnerable to debuffs. As a result, this spell is best used by tanks. In addition to being an effective AoE tank, Bellona also provides a 50% chance to break a unit’s defense.

Bellona’s S3 deals damage to enemies by piercing them with a strong gust of wind. The S3 of Bellona decreases the enemy’s Defense for two turns and increases damage by 20%, which triggers when her Windbreak Fan is used. However, Bellona’s S3 has a very long cooldown, taking six turns to use. In addition, Bellona’s Attack and Defense are average, so she would be best used by a team that prioritizes pure DPS. However, her PVE abilities would make her an important addition to a team focusing on Banshee or Golem destruction.


Crozet is a fantastic free-to-play tank with a great debuff set. His S3 is a CC to dispel enemy AOE buffs, and his passive helps you deal massive damage with Luna. Whenever your health reaches 50% or lower, Crozet will grant a barrier to one ally, increasing their chance to make a critical strike. Crozet is a good tank option, but Luna’s passive can make her an even more effective second DPS.

Another good reason to play Crozet is because of his ability to absorb enemy attacks. This ability is powerful, but it requires high HP and DEF. You’ll want to invest in gear with a high DEF and high HP, but be sure to check out the skill’s synergy with other heroes in the game. This hero is an excellent choice if you want to disrupt the current meta and upcoming RTA.

Crozet’s SS. Bellona

The Seaside Bellona is a versatile, fast-cast spell with the ability to grant two damage-increasing debuffs. This spell should be used in conjunction with a powerful DEF breaker, such as Furious or Requiemroar. It’s also an effective spell for dealing massive damage when an enemy has three or more debuffs. The crit set is very helpful in increasing the damage output of SS Bellona’s S3.

SS Bellona’s passive is incredibly useful for spreading damage throughout the team. After taking 5 damage, she unleashes a devastating AoE strike that hits in a wide area, and has a 50% chance of breaking DEF. Even with low Speed, she’s capable of causing massive damage and can paint targets for the team. If she is paired with a Wyvern, it will be even more effective, as the wingmen’s triple fireball breath will proc her counterattack every turn.

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