Epic Seven Patch Note Revealed!

Epic Seven

The latest Epic Seven patch notes are live and available on the official website! Check out all the important information and helpful tips from the latest update. These patch notes are also broadcast live a week in advance on the official YouTube channel, hosted by Mashuu and Geguri. You can check them out below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to keep up with the latest news. Here’s a quick recap of what you can expect from the newest update!

New Guardian Kazran

The latest update to the popular action RPG game has a new character – New Guardian Kazran. He is a new addition to the team party, and will be unlocked in the 1/20 update. He will be available in the first chapter of the game’s new main storyline, “Unrecorded History.” The game also has a new stage, Mechanical Tower, which is unlocked by the Hailow Lab Tower.

A new stage has been added to the game with the addition of the New Guardian Kazran. Players can get the new character by clearing the 2.9th stage of the Hailow Tower. After clearing this stage, the game will take them to Reingar World. They can then use the new ability Time Leap, which causes all enemies to be attacked. It also dispels two debuffs from all allies and increases combat readiness by 30%. This ability also costs 40 souls, which can be used to upgrade certain weapons.

Changes to Heroes

The latest patch notes for Epic Seven reveal a variety of new Hero features, including increased damage and faster healing. These changes will impact all heroes and Artifacts, as well as the balance of the game. The balance of Heroes and Artifacts will be adjusted, but the basic stats of each character will remain the same. You will see a new Hero Rating after the Balance Update, which you can access by clicking on the Hero rating in the Hero tab. In addition, the effect of the Boom! Starlight Fall Hero will be altered.

Another notable change will involve the Growth Altar, which will allow players to summon up to 10 Phantasma at a time. This system will improve the Hero leveling process by introducing new sources of materials. It will also introduce a new system for raising Heroes called Grace of Unity. This new system will make it easier to raise Heroes, as they will be more reliant on natural resources.

Enlisted Heroes can now receive class enhancements. Increasing their Class Level will allow players to make their Heroes more powerful, increasing their overall performance. Players can also choose to increase the Level of their Heroes by acquiring Ego Fragments. Once you have acquired an Ego Fragment, you can then apply it to a specific hero for increased imprint bonuses. To use this feature, simply click on the Imprint icon in your hero’s page.

If you play this game on PC, you can read the official balance patch notes for each Hero to ensure the game is balanced for your playstyle. You can expect to see the changes on 9th June 2022 after the maintenance. Before you play the new patch, make sure to read the patch notes and play the game using BlueStacks. Also, make sure you play with a keyboard for optimal experience. You can also check out the new Hero gear.

You can now reroll your account if you want to get the heroes you really want from the starting rewards. If you do not get your desired heroes during the first trial, you can reroll your account by hitting the Reset Server button. In the meantime, you can also join a guild and help other players. These guilds will help you get various resources and special crests. Moreover, you can compete with other players in the Epic Seven Arena for rewards.

New Artifacts

This week’s patch notes for Epic Seven are full of changes to Hero stats and new artifacts. In addition to the new Artifacts, the game’s Heroes will also get a little boost to their overall power. This update will give your Heroes a 20% boost to their Critical Hit Resistance. In addition, your characters’ Combat Readiness will increase by 8% after a non-critical hit and 7% after an enemy debuff. For a complete breakdown of the changes to the game, you can check out the official balance patch notes.

Players will be able to use these new artifacts in battle. They will also increase your Effectiveness stat by 7%. They will also increase your Attack Damage by 7% for two turns, and they will be more potent against compositions that slow down your cast speed. These new additions to the game are a major part of the game’s meta. If you are not sure about the new Artifacts in Epic Seven, here is a rundown of some of the new artifacts and their bonus effects.

Another important new addition to Epic Seven is the new character Peira. This new character can only be obtained through a banner and is available until the end of the game’s free trial. However, it’s worth noting that the new patch will also add a new backstory for Peira. In addition, Peira will be a unique hero in Epic Seven, with a new ability to reduce enemy buffs. She’ll also be able to increase her allies’ Attack and Speed stats.

A number of changes have been made to the game’s Artifacts and Heroes. The World Arena will now have an automatic update to the battle background. Players will also be able to filter their artifacts and heroes in the Journal. Additionally, the position of the Hero Enhance button will be adjusted to make it easier to locate the artifacts you’re looking for. With the newest patch, it will be easier to customize your Heroes and make them stand out amongst the crowd.

Loot rewards

The latest update to the Loot system has made several improvements to the way you gain loot. You no longer need to spend time grinding the same item over again to achieve the desired rarity. There were a number of bugs that prevented players from enjoying their loot, such as the issue where the split stack slider would display the wrong amount based on the number of gem slots available. Another problem was the UI prompt for gathering nodes when the inventory was full. In addition, some items did not show up on the post-War rewards screen. Other fixes include: a new, valuable tier of perks added to the Expedition rewards pool.

The new patch will give players more options for loot and increase the variety of available items. There are also new features and game modes in the game. Players can also now choose different heroes to use for the campaign and battle against other players or NPC teams. In addition, new gears, gold, and heroes will be unlocked when the player completes certain sections of the story mode. Getting new gear will improve your hero’s stats.

Another exciting addition to the game is the new Livestream Gift Box. This unique event has a special password to unlock the gift. In order to receive this freebie, you need to log in to your Epic Seven account on the official Twitch channel. The password is available here. Afterward, you must open your gift box using the code or password given to you by the Livestream host. It’s worth remembering that the livestream will run for only one night so get your hands on the password as soon as possible.

The game’s Loot Pool is expanding and adding new features. The quality of loot has improved based on the level of the player, so that players with higher levels should be able to obtain more Epic, Rare, and Legendary loot. The latter type should have more useful stat combinations. The perks, however, are still random, but they should be better for players with higher stats. Moreover, higher gear score items will drop from lower-level creatures, giving players more opportunities to improve their characters and teams.

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