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Epic Seven

The new update for the Epic Seven World Championship is due on the 27th of May. The game has been around for two years now, and already has several heroes with great abilities. The developers have also added new systems to help heirs, such as pets with repeatability, bulk promotions, and the adventure’s path. The game is also lowering the difficulties of acquiring heirs and rising levels. Besides these improvements, the developers have also made four improvements to summoning.


One of the most important parts of Epic Seven is the summoning system. This mechanic enables players to summon their favorite heroes and enhance their teams. This system is based on a lottery, so the chances of getting high-rarity heroes and artifacts are very low. To improve your summoning mileage, you can spend a variety of in-game currencies, and you can also perform multiple summons. This will increase your summoning mileage considerably, but it also means that you’ll have to invest more time and effort in the game.

There are numerous shops in Epic Seven, each with their own niche and utility. Some of them are better than others. It’s recommended that you buy the ones that are best for your playstyle. A 3-star hero, for example, is incredibly useful and can make clearing the Abyss relatively easy. It’s also worth your while to acquire one or two other heroes to help you level up. If you’re looking for a 3-star hero, make sure you buy Kiris. She’s the best 3-star hero in the game.

The next thing you should do is upgrade your character’s abilities. You can do this by acquiring runes and upgrading your skills. A good way to do this is to use the spirit altar mode to earn runes. It will be very beneficial for you because it will allow you to summon powerful heroes and have a better chance at surviving in battle. Then, you’ll be rewarded with gold transmit stone, which you can use to increase your summoning mileage.


While playing the game, one of the ways to earn mileage points is by completing quests. This will earn you a certain amount of gold. However, you should be aware that the mileage will accumulate differently for different quests. In other words, you should not use the same quest to gain mileage points on each side. Instead, you should complete quests in a particular order. For example, you cannot combine summons in a quest chain if you have already obtained the required amount of gold.

In addition to the regular pity for summons, you can also earn a custom mystic summon. This will be available for a certain period of time, from April 28th to July 21st, 2022. You will be able to choose from among a wide range of three to five star heroes. This option is available only to players who have Mystic Medals. The good thing is that you will receive additional coins as pity as you level up. You will receive 200 Moon’s Mirage Coins, which will act as your pity. However, you can only use this summon twice during the time of the campaign.

In addition, you can double the number of Cores you receive from equipment extraction after the update. Moreover, the Auto-Equip function will allow you to automatically equip the appropriate equipment based on your current level and choose the main stats and sub-stats for each character. The graphical overhaul will give the game a more modern look. The skill effects will also match the Epic Seven theme. In addition, you can now obtain MolaGora directly from normal sources.


The game allows you to collect artifacts, heroes, and other items to enhance your teams. However, summoning these items is a lottery, with a high chance of getting an artifact that is of low rarity. The good news is that the game still has a reasonable summoning mileage limit, at 200. But, what about the bad news? There are a few ways you can make your summoning more successful, and these tips can help you do just that.

One way to maximize the value of your summoning is to invest in artifacts that will increase your summoning mileage. If you want to increase your summoning mileage, you can make your heroes stronger by using the Selective Summon and Covenant Summon. Once you have unlocked these heroes, you can then use them in your moonlight stone. You can also farm for free heroes to increase your summoning mileage.

Another way to maximize your summoning mileage is to acquire artifact charms. These can be obtained from the shop or from the Forest of Souls or Sanctuary. Artifacts can also be upgraded by other artifacts. Buying artifacts is an effective way to maximize your summoning mileage, but it takes time. Therefore, you should keep your eye out for rare artifact charms.

Game modes

Epic Seven offers different kinds of game modes that can help you complete missions and reach higher level in the game. In the Adventure mode, you can find different challenges that will reward you with Gold, experience, and other valuable items. In addition, you can also use different skills and equipment to help your main character in solo farming. But before you start playing this game, it’s important that you understand how the mechanics of each mode work.

First, you can increase the stats of your characters by awakening them. When you awaken your hero, you will improve their attributes and skill performance in battle. To do this, you will need runes, which you can acquire in the spirit altar mode. This will allow you to acquire more powerful artifacts and summon more heroes. However, you will have to spend more money to acquire these artifacts.

As for the heroes, there are many 3-star heroes that can compete with higher-level heroes. With their unique abilities, they can help you defeat most bosses and other players in the game. The best way to make use of these heroes is to use them for a short period of time. In addition, you can use their free covenant summoning mileage to collect a free Gold transmit stone. This is one of the most effective methods of gaining Gold and leveling up your heroes.


There are several ways to improve your summoning mileage in Epic Seven. You can farm for free heroes by maximizing your summoning mileage. There are many different ways to do this, and not all of them require spending money. These strategies are a great way to get a high number of heroes without paying a dime. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind to help you improve your summoning mileage.

First, remember that you can only summon one Hero per day, so you’ll need to make the most of these opportunities. Choose Heroes that are useful to you and can strengthen other Heroes in your party. If you don’t want to waste your time on useless heroes, go for three-star heroes. These heroes can easily clear the Abyss, and they can also help you get more gold. You can also make use of the “Connection” system to gain more mileage on your summons.

The last method requires you to spend Skystones. In Epic Seven, you can spend them on upgrading your heroes. In addition to upgrading your heroes, you can also buy relics and armor. You can also use these gold to improve your guild and buy different banners. You can even buy items from the shop with these gems. You can also earn them in the secret shop. Depending on the level of your guild, you can even make use of them to increase your income.


If you are looking for tips and tricks to boost your summoning mileage in Epic Seven, read on! You will discover that summoning mileage is a crucial factor in obtaining free heroes. To maximize your summoning mileage, you should focus on grinding for the right materials. In addition to this, you should use a moonlight stone to boost your summoning ability. This will give you the advantage over other players.

You can purchase different items in the shop daily, like Energy, to upgrade your heroes. You can also buy arena flags. You should also remember that summoning a Hero costs 605 Bookmarks, which is why it is recommended to choose the cheaper ones. Besides, summoning lower Heroes will save you some Molagora. Moreover, you can purchase 3 Heroes with only Catalyst and Stigma. Skystones are a vital resource in Epic Seven, so you should make sure that you spend them wisely.

Another important aspect to note about this game is the side story. After clearing the Adventure mode stage, you will unlock the Unrecorded History chapter, which details the fate of the main character, Ras. In addition, the side story also contains higher-level enemies compared to the story mode. This way, you can enjoy a smooth grind without having to worry about dying too soon. This will give you extra experience for every battle.


There is a new event in Epic Seven called the Summoning Mileage Update! You’ll get a boost when your summons are at a certain distance from your character. If you’re a veteran summoner, you’ll appreciate this extra boost. The event runs until 15th July and you should make the most of it. It will help you level up faster and get more rewards. It’s a great opportunity to level up, but be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities it offers!

The new system allows players to roll for the same summon up to 30 times, but once this period expires, you won’t get the old results back. It’s a good way to farm free heroes until you can afford to spend money on more powerful characters. You’ll want to start farming early in the game to maximize your chances of unlocking more heroes. But don’t worry, there are still many ways to get more summons!

Another way to increase your Summoning mileage is by completing the main story in the game. By doing this, you’ll unlock new heroes and gain experience and gold. Additionally, you can also find catalysts and equipment that will enable you to unlock more powerful heroes and skills. These items will help you level up faster. And if you have a lot of summoning gold, this will make the process that much faster!

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