Cerise E7 Guide – Improving Cerise’s Effectiveness in World of Warcraft

With her heavy investment in speed, effectiveness, and health, Cerise is a formidable opponent. Her dual attack and utility can disrupt enemy teams and annoy enemies. Her Ms. Confille is a more offensive-minded option. Cerise’s Restrict debuff is effective against Cleave teams. And she can make almost any Ranger Artifact work. However, there are some caveats.

Stun on S2 or S3

As a debuffing initiate, Cerise is an excellent choice. Her S2 stuns enemies for three turns and locks down key heroes on the enemy team. Her S1 boosts her CR, which allows her to cycle more quickly. In addition, she already has a full skill set, so she could use one of the more offensive units to hard-counter an enemy team.

If you are planning to play as Cerise, make sure you choose an arti that will give her high damage output. A +% effect on s2 and s3 is an excellent choice. A -1 turn stun is a good choice for her s3 as it gives her an extra attack. A +1 turn stun is not bad either. She also has great tankiness. She would benefit from a rod.

If you’re a fan of Cerise, you can check her out on S2 or S3 and see if she has a high stun chance on S3 or S2. Her other strengths are her great damage output and her high crit chance. Cerise is an excellent choice for a team if you’re looking to win games. You can also choose a hero with the best overall stats.

If you’re planning on playing this deck, you need to make sure to use your Mola investment wisely. She has the ability to outspeed most enemies and is a great choice to use against YDCB. However, you should avoid using her against second team due to her -1 turn penalty. You also have to be careful of her passive, which attacks buffed enemies and steals buffs from them. Finally, you need to invest in Rem to cleanse his breakable defenses.


As a ranger/initiator, Cerise is a good pick if you’re looking for a versatile character. However, it is important to prioritize effectiveness over HP% and other substats. This is especially true when considering her effect chance. You should aim for a CR increase in S1 and the -1 Cooldown. These two stats are not feasible for a new player, but they are sufficient for a debuffer build.


The Cerise e7 is a good choice for debuffers who value health and speed. Using a debuff to interrupt an enemy team is one way to do this. With her dual attack and utility, Cerise can also annoy the enemy team. She can make almost any Ranger Artifact work as well. She also has an effective Restrict debuff, which can be used against a Cleave team.

The Cerise skill ignores elemental advantages, and it’s possible to use this skill in dual attacks. It’s important to have high offensive stats and speed to get the most out of Cerise. This isn’t a build for newbies. However, if you’re looking for a solid endgame build, you should consider Cerise. It has the potential to be a powerful choice for PvP and RTA.


While HP% and Speed are important substats, the main priority of Cerise is its effectiveness. While HP% is important, they shouldn’t take priority over Effectiveness and Speed. The following are a few ways to improve the overall effectiveness of Cerise. These skills can make or break your game. Depending on your preference, you can prioritize them to the benefit of your team or play style. You should also consider focusing on the following substats:


In game, the Cerise e7 artifacts increase the defense of all allies and increase damage sharing. This item is useful for knights, Adventurer Ras, Rose, and Falconer Kluri, who can take advantage of the +10% attack boost this artifact provides. It also increases the damage dealt to opponents when they aren’t at maximum health. It can also be used by Thieves, Kayron, and Blood Blade Karin.

When it comes to artifacts, Cerise is not the best choice for initiators. Despite being a ranger, her e7 artifacts are generally okay for initiators. She does very well with Cursed Compass and Card of Small Miracles, but it’s hard to say if it’s worth investing in. While the Cursed Compass can be a good choice, the Song of Stars is a terrible choice for turn one.

Moonlight Heroes can’t be summoned on the Cerise Limited Summon Banner. The 5 Hero Cerise and 5 Artifact Guiding Light will only be available in the Cerise Limited Summon Banner until the end of the limited drop rate up event. They will not be added to the Covenant Summons after the event, though they may be sold in the future and have their summon probability increased to 1%.

To use Cerise in RTA and Arena, make sure to maximize her abilities. Aim to increase her -1 Cooldown and effect chance. This will increase her effectiveness. If you don’t get either of these two, Cerise should have at least a CR increase on her S1 artifact. That should be enough to help her turn cycle. The Restrict debuff will also help you counter Cleave teams.

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