Smilegate Epic Seven – Overview, Characters, Combat System, and Artifacts

Epic Seven

In Smilegate Epic Seven, you will find twin half-dragon sisters that must fight evil. This action-adventure video game is available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Read on to learn more about the game’s Overview, Characters, Combat system, and Artifacts. This video game is a wonderful experience for fans of fantasy adventure games. It is recommended for gamers of all ages. It is a challenging and rewarding role-playing game, and it is packed with fun features and gameplay.


Smilegate Epic Seven is an interesting role-playing game, developed by the Smilegate Megaport company. If you are interested in playing the game, BlueStacks app player is the best choice. This game is available for both Mac and PC. The game follows the story of the Seven Goddesses, who have shirked their duties and brought prosperity to the world. However, their efforts are not without a hefty price tag. The developers of Epic Seven aim to please fans of both RPG and anime. The game has surpassed 6 million downloads and is continuing to thrive in the gaming market.

While many mobile games aim to cater to the young audience, Epic Seven breaks the mold and incorporates gameplay mechanics more suited to an MMORPG. The game nevertheless tries to make up for this gap with its appealing visuals, an incredibly welcoming summoning system, and sprawling amounts of content. The game is certainly worth a try. However, if you’re not ready to commit to the game’s free-to-play model, you can try out its other games before you invest in the full version.

Smilegate Epic Seven has a fantasy lore, which is common among ARPGs. In the game, players take on the role of a godly heir under the goddess of creation, which is a mythical deity. As a result, Epic Seven boasts a huge narrative, high-definition 2D graphics, and basic ARPG elements such as PVP Arenas, Intense 3v3 battles, and raids. The game also has a free-to-play marketing structure, which is common with most free-to-play games.


If you are in the market for a new RPG game to play, Epic Seven is a great option. The game is free to play and published by Smilegate. It has a dynamic battle system and has a large roster of characters. The characters have a tier list that is easy to follow even if you’re a new player. Below you will find a breakdown of each character’s abilities and stats.

While the game has over 200 characters, they all have different skills, elements, and style. If you want to maximize your gaming experience, you need to know which characters to use. Use the tier list to learn about each character’s unique capabilities. By using this information, you can derive strategies to improve your character’s overall level. You can even upgrade your character’s abilities in a variety of ways. Once you have learned about each character’s special skills, you can focus on their specific strengths and weaknesses.

The game features a unique art style. The characters are carefully detailed. The animations are also extremely vibrant and can sometimes cause the screen to explode with color. The game also has several modes, including the Arena. These modes are designed to help you test your skills against other players and earn rewards. Regardless of which characters you choose to use, you’ll find a way to play the game with your friends. And if you’re not an online player, you can always enjoy the game for free.

The tier list is a great way to determine which characters you should play. You can see which characters are the easiest to defeat and which ones are harder to overcome. These tier lists are updated every couple of months, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for new updates. So be sure to check the tier list to see what characters are available for your level and type. You’ll also want to pay attention to the game’s updates as these will affect how much time you spend playing it.

Combat system

The combat system in Smilegate Epic Seven is one of the most unique features of the game. The game’s battle system is based on turn-based tactical combat and features the Anime style graphics. It is a free-to-play mobile RPG, developed by Super Creative, a well-known game publisher from South Korea. The game has over six million downloads so far, and is expected to grow quickly in the gaming market.

In this game, you play as the Heir of the Covenant, a magical creature created by Diche as punishment for neglecting his duties after Orbis’ death. When your world is attacked by an Archdemon, it resets, making you weaker. To survive, you must gather Heroes and use them to protect the Heir of the Covenant. However, the game also lets you choose from a variety of classes and equipment to make your character the best in the world.

The combat system in Epic Seven is similar to that in Hero Collecting Role Playing Games and Gachas. The combat system is turn-based, and each Hero has a unique set of abilities. You can use the abilities of your Heroes to fight different enemies. Each Hero is tied to a specific element, and you can choose to use a combination of abilities in order to win. The game has five different elements, and each Hero has a unique ability tied to a particular element.

There are different types of gears in Epic Seven. You can equip gear of different levels, but you need to keep in mind that higher level gear costs more than lower level gear. In order to upgrade your gear, you must acquire Ancient Coins. These coins can be found in chests and Special Event Quests. You can also claim them in the Sword Training Ground. If you earn enough of these coins, you can upgrade your gear to get better gear.


In Smilegate Megaport’s epic seventh expansion, you can buy artifacts to increase your character’s skills and grant them new abilities. There are nearly 170 artifacts in the game, so you’ll have to choose which ones are worth the investment. Artifact charms are rare and require a large amount of time to collect and upgrade. Therefore, you’ll want to pay close attention to which ones you’ll want to keep in your collection.

There are several different artifacts in Epic Seven, and a lot of them are powerful. However, some artifacts are better than others. If you’re having trouble deciding which ones to get, you should take a look at the stats of each one. Artifacts increase the stats of your hero and grant her a passive skill. These types of items can be obtained through summoning or looting.

Some of the artifacts in Smilegate Epic Seven are better than others, but there are still some that are better than others. For example, some artifacts will increase your character’s defense, while others will give you a higher Attack. While each artifact is beneficial, it’s also worth focusing on the right combination of abilities. Choosing the right one will greatly improve your character’s stats and increase the chance of getting powerful rewards.

If you’re planning to play your hero in PVP, make sure to find an artifact that’s tailored to your character. For example, if your hero is a PvP character, you should use a Guiding Light artifact that grants stealth at the start of the battle and again after each turn. The advantage of Guiding Light over other artifacts is that it can protect you from Assassin Cidds and allow openers to avoid being caught out in a high-speed battle. In addition, you can use a thief that can use stealth to unload DPS before using stealth. This is a very useful skill for damage-dealers, as it allows you to hide and charge Focus while in stealth.

Real-time arena PvP tournament

Epic Seven is a turn-based mobile RPG that was developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport. The game allows players to fight against powerful boss monsters in the “Expedition” mode. Damage dealt in real time is displayed on the screen, and a player can choose from 16 different equipment sets. In addition, players can also use pets to farm. It is a great game for competitive gamers.

The Epic Seven World Cup is an ongoing Real-Time Arena PvP tournament featuring players from all four regions. The tournament has a prize pool of US$ 50,000, with the winner receiving a trophy worth US$ 30,000. Epic Seven is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android. It is the first game that allows players to fight for prizes that they will earn throughout the tournament.

The Epic Seven World Championship is a $100,000 tournament for the best players. It features a new broadcast system, as well as advanced observer technology. Players can register for the tournament until July 10th, but must be at least 20 years old to qualify. The servers are open until August 28th, and the winner will receive the prize fund. This tournament is free to enter, but it is not to be missed. If you are interested in participating in this event, register for the tournament and win a share of the $50,000 prize pool.

This tournament has 32 teams of eight. Eight players will advance to the final. They will be chosen based on their rankings from the World Arena Ardor Season. Players will be ranked according to their overall ranking during the event. They will be able to compete against players from all four regions, and the winner will receive a trophy worth $750. They will compete in the final on May 29th at 8PM PDT.

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