Epic Hell Guide – How to Beat Bosses in Epic Hell

Epic Seven

If you’re wondering how to beat the bosses in Epic Hell, read this guide! In this guide, I’ll show you exactly what to do to kill the bosses and get the highest score possible. It’ll cover everything from Arbiter Vildred’s DPS to the best way to reroll for special side stories. You’ll be able to beat every boss in Epic Hell with these tips!

Arbiter Vildred

In Epic Hell, there are different modes and characters. Each hero has a unique performance in a certain mode. Arbiter Vildred is the best all-round hero with a unique skill set that allows her to deal huge amounts of damage in both PvP and PvE. This makes her a unique choice for new players to consider. In this guide, we’ll look at her skills and discuss why she’s the best all-around hero in the game.

Spectre Tenebria

If you’re looking for a no-debuff DPS, Spectre Tenebria is your choice. While she’s far from the most impressive hero in the game, she does fill a necessary role on certain Abyss floors. She also has a decent skill tree, including two new passives that improve her dual attack chance and damage. The only downside is that she’s very slow, so you’ll need to build around her early on.

Specter Tenebria is an Acolyte of the Archdemon with a unique ability to elude an opponent’s attacks while inflicting hilarious damage. She’s best used on teams that have debuffs that can increase the damage of their heroes. She also has excellent scaling power, making her an ideal pick for a team with multiple debuffs.

A versatile Fire Mage, Researcher Carrot is not a must-have hero in Epic Seven. However, she introduces a few interesting strategies and combinations that make her a great choice. While she doesn’t rank at the top of most people’s list, she does bring a fresh set of abilities to the game. And because she’s so versatile, you can use her in any situation.

One of the best Soul Weavers in Epic Seven is Doris. She combines AOE healing with burst healing to mitigate damage before it hits your team. She also adds an AoE Defense buff to the team and an additional self-healing buff. Although she’s not ideal for PvP, she’s a great choice if you’re looking for a team that can take down the enemy.

Spectre Tenebria’s DPS

The spec’s DPS is largely dependent on her unique skill set. She starts the fight with a S3 attack that has a few mechanics. One of them is that she heals 5% of her health every time she’s debuffed. She’s also pushed 50% CR when she hits an enemy unit. Lastly, she can heal units that end their turn while debuffed.

Using Spectre Tenebria’s powerful squishes can be extremely beneficial for clearing the floor. You can focus her by killing the nightmare add. This will stop her from being silenced and able to do additional damage. If you can’t do this, you should look for another spec, such as a squisher.

While the sailor moon character has an average DPS, she is still one of the best single target threats in the game. Her S3 can stun a target for one turn, while she also does 20% of her maximum HP. She has a fast aoe cleanse and a high base HP, but she’s also relatively fragile. Her speed is also low, so she’s a bad choice for first-level players.

Rerolling in Special Side Stories

Rerolling in the Special Side Stories of Epic Hell allows you to choose a different character for each stage. For example, if you were to choose a Dark element character, you would select a warrior, while a Light element character would choose a knight. This will allow you to choose a character with the attributes and stats you want. In addition, rerolling allows you to get a 5-star hero during the selective summoning stage.

Rerolling in Hell Raid

Rerolling in Hell Raid can save your game and save you time. If you’re having trouble completing a mission, you can simply reroll your character with the manual. These save your character’s CC and reduce the number of turns it takes to use special abilities. Then, use the’manual’ option to increase your special attack, orb, or heal. Using a manual is also a great way to save non-grunt units, and RR units.

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