Epic Seven Build Guide – A Guide to Playing a Knight in Ilynav’s Epic Seven Build

Epic Seven

This article will discuss Ilynav, a warmonger who considers working with Dragons a disgrace. Her low crit dmg skill will be of interest to many players. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below! Ilynav builds have many advantages, but they’re far from perfect. To get the most out of Ilynav’s skills, you’ll need to choose the right skill set and build accordingly.

Ilynav is a Knight

If you are planning on playing a Knight in an Epic Seven build, you should make sure that you have a good idea of the stats that are important for this class. In addition to being able to take hits, this hero also has great critical strike and AOE provoke. This means that Ilynav can play alongside a Warriors and a Thief. Ilynav is not ideal in Arena or RTA, but he’s still good.

Ilynav is a Fire Elemental Knight with good stats and a high base HP and defense. His base Speed is 109, and his other stats are high. Ilynav also has Imprint concentration and release. While he doesn’t have the fastest of movement speeds, his massive damage is one of his main features. Those are enough to make him an interesting choice. You can also choose to play Ilynav as a tank or DPS.

As a Dark element hero, Ilynav is strong in combat. His ability to cast scathing attacks helps him defeat enemies with his battle axe. The Dark element hero also has multiple offensive and defensive abilities, such as Dragon Flame. You can combine any of these skills to create a powerful Knight with good DPS and damage output. It’s important to keep in mind that your build will depend on the role of Ilynav.

If you’re looking to play a Knight in a high-end build, you should consider a Tier-S hero. These heroes have similar stats and rank one tier below the first-tier characters in the Epic Seven. While they aren’t difficult to beat, they are not considered “average” heroes and should not be used for the first time. This isn’t to say that Ilynav is a bad hero, but it’s a good place to start if you don’t want to be stuck at level 60.

Ilynav is one of the best-performing heroes in the game. He provides great utility to his allies. His skill 3 Repel gives him increased critical hit damage for 2 turns while reducing the amount of time required for a critical hit. This ability is great for protecting your group, but has a low cooldown and scales off of your MAX HP. This skill also has a high base damage that carries over to other classes.

She is a warmonger

Ilynav is a warmonger who commands brave soldiers. She was the queen of Wintenberg after Cecilia died, and she deems working with Dragons to be a disgrace to the people who were killed by the creatures. Ilynav is undoubtedly a warmonger, but it isn’t the only reason she is disliked by the other characters. Rose, a brave soldier, seems to be dissatisfied with her warmonger behavior.

She has a low crit dmg skill

Ilynav is a new five star hero for Epic Seven. She is a Fire elemental Knight with a high base HP, Defense, and Speed of 109. She has Imprint release and concentration, and she deals massive damage. However, she has a low Crit DMG skill. Here’s a guide to Ilynav’s crit damage and how to increase it.

One problem with Ilynav is that she relies heavily on RNG to get a decent hit. Her s1 skill is very similar to Charles’s, where she combos into her s2 at the end of the combo. Although her base s1 has no special features, it is still one of the best skills in the game. Her crit dmg skill cannot exceed 350%, which isn’t great for the aoe attack she has.

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