Unrecorded History Epic Seven Guide

Epic Seven is a dungeon-crawling RPG that features a 2D animated art style and emulates Live2D technology. It also makes use of its own proprietary game engine named Yuna Woo after the game’s protagonist Yuna Woo. It is a spin-off of the acclaimed Summoners War: Sky Arena series. As well as five elemental boss battles known as Hunts, Epic Seven also includes floored dungeon towers and labyrinths.

Battle section

The Epic Seven BATTLE section features several game modes that can be accessed once you have finished the Adventure mode. These battles require you to build specific teams and units to achieve the best outcome. As well as providing experience, the Battle section also rewards you with loot. This makes it an excellent way to grind in the game. But be careful, as some battles can be difficult and a few tips can help you succeed in completing them.

One of the most common problems with RPG games is that they require a lot of skill and time. This is why Epic Seven has several options to help you through this challenge. First, you can complete quests and complete side quests, which reward you with a variety of resources. Second, you can earn gold, which can be used to improve your Hero. Thirdly, you can level up your Heroes by obtaining equipment sets. These can help you level up quickly and get better.

Story mode

The Story mode of Unrecorded History Epic Seven offers several different ways to experience the world’s epic events. In the beginning, players will find many early game treasures in the form of trophies, such as the epic sword. The game will gradually become more difficult as the player gains more experience points. To help players overcome these challenges, there is a way to collect more Adventure Points.

In addition to the standard adventure mode, Epic Seven also has a permanent side story that becomes available after completing stage 10-10 of the main story. The Unrecorded History chapter details the fate of the main character Ras, and has higher level enemies than in Episode 1’s story mode. Players will gain a higher amount of experience per battle in Epic Seven’s Story mode, thanks to the Epic rarity catalysts, which can be obtained along the way.


The permanent side story in Epic Seven is the Unrecorded History chapter that unlocks after clearing stage 10-10 in Adventure mode. This chapter details the fate of the main character Ras, and it also contains enemies at higher levels than those in the Episode 1 story mode. The game’s side story also provides players with more experience per battle, as well as Epic rarity catalysts. As such, it’s a great way to grind the game’s high-level enemies without too much time spent in combat.

Players can create groups of characters in Epic Seven and compete against other players in the arena. The game also features a guild system, where players can contribute resources and gain special crests. This is great for competitive players, as they can compete with each other to win rewards. In addition, Epic Seven features the ability to create teams of up to four people and compete with them in a single match. It also has a social aspect, with people from all over the world forming guilds.


Players will be able to obtain a lot of valuable items and currencies in Epic Seven. This game has a lot of intense mechanics, which will require some strategizing on your part. One way to get more experience in this game is to earn catalysts, which can be purchased in AP shops. Epic rarity catalysts can increase your level quickly, so it’s important to make wise decisions when leveling up your character.

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