League of Legends Commander Lorina Skill Tree Guide


As one of the most popular heroes in League of Legends, Commander Lorina has many interesting skills. Her passive and S3 are particularly interesting. You’ll also learn about her connection to her teammates and weaknesses. You’ll also discover the best way to max out her abilities and unlock her full potential. This Commander Lorina skill tree guide will show you the best ways to make the most of your class’ potential.

C.Lorina’s passive

Commander Lorina’s passive can be a useful tool for players looking to boost their overall damage output. This is because her damage output is decent for a level three hero, but it gets better once she has completed the Specialty Change quest. This passive can be helpful for self-CR pushing, since it gives you an extra turn after a Soulburn. This buff can be used in a number of ways to increase your total damage output.

This buff, which is 50-75% and cannot be dispelled, allows you to deal incredible damage, even while ignoring your own damage. This makes Commander Lorina the perfect 3 Hero for dueling big meaty bosses. Additionally, her S3 ability is very effective for duels, especially since it has a chance to reset the cooldown once it kills the target. So even if you are not a great duelist, you can still get a good DPS boost with C.Lorina!

Her S3

If you are looking for an in-depth Commander Lorina S3 skill tree guide, then look no further. This guide will show you how to optimize her damage output for the best possible outcome. The damage output of Commander Lorina is quite good for a level 3 hero. Moreover, she can get several turns to single targets with the help of her self-CR push. The S3 skill tree also includes her S1 and S2 combos.

Her S3 skill allows her to get a very strong single target threat with a high S3 damage. It also grants a 80% CR boost when she has her attack up. However, it is difficult to play it on defense because of her slow base speed and low attack stat. However, her AoE silence can be a great option to win on turn two. The S3 silence can also be a great help against defensive stall teams.

The damage output of the S3 of Commander Lorina is outstanding, even if she lacks a high DPS. Her passive is a 50-75% Attack buff, which is hard to dispel. With this kind of damage output, this Hero is a great choice for duelling bosses. Her S3 can even reset the target’s cooldown if she kills it. Therefore, this skill is worth trying.

As mentioned before, Kayron is a great choice for a tank that counters AoE cleave teams. Dust Devil is necessary to extend her buff timers, as it will OHKO most opponents who suffer from Def Break. With 120 base speed, Kayron can generally secure the 1st turn. This allows her to dismantle codependent teams. The S3’s damage will often kill most units with low health.

Her connection with teammates

When compared with other single target DPS heroes, Commander Lorina is considered the best option. Her elemental damage is neutral, so she is an excellent choice for any PvE content. However, she needs to be leveled to get the specialty change quest, which is not a fast task. To make use of the specialty change, you will need to kill at least 10,000 enemies in Adventure mode and complete at least 50 urgent missions.

Her weaknesses

As a Dark-elemental hero, Commander Lorina doesn’t have the elemental disadvantage that other Dark-elemental heroes do. That means she can take on any boss fight with relative ease. That said, she does have terrible HP and Defense. This means she can run out of durability buffs in short order and take multiple turns at a time. If you want to make sure that she doesn’t run out of HP or Defense while fighting, consider using a buff.

One of the key strengths of Commander Lorina is her massive damage potential. With a passive attack buff that increases in proportion to the enemy’s max HP, she can dish out enormous amounts of damage. The second benefit is her specialty change, which gives her a buff to combat readiness. Both of these benefits make Commander Lorina an excellent choice for duels and dueling large meaty bosses. Additionally, her S3 ability has a chance to reset its cooldown when it kills a target.

Speed: Lorina’s speed is easily boosted with the right substats. While it is possible to have 160 speed with a single main-stat, it’s best to have at least seven to eight thousand HP to get a quick turn. You don’t want to sacrifice other stats for HP. So, if you’re not sure what to choose, use the Commander Lorina skill tree guide to make the right choice for your character.

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