Epic 7 Side Story Tips

One of the most engrossing features of Epic Seven is that it never needs maintenance during an update. This is particularly advantageous for those who want to play the game without any downtime. There are a few different side storylines available for players to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular ones: Summer Break Charlotte, Adin’s Awakening, and the Advent Side Story. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the right decision when choosing which Epic 7 side story to play.

Advent Side Story

To play Advent Side Story on PC, you’ll need to download the MuMu Player. This game is divided into two parts – Advent Side Story and Kiss of Frost. For both parts, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right character and element to complete them. You can also make sure that you have the appropriate equipment. You’ll need to create three different teams of 3 Heroes, each with its own unique boost.

The first part of the side story follows the characters in the Re: Zero universe, and showcases how they’re linked to the epic seven. This part of the story is still the same as it was when the game was first released in August 2021. You can also grind through this side story by playing event stages. This will help you earn event currency called Aqua Crystals, but you’ll only get it by completing battle stages.

Summer Break Charlotte

In the latest patch of Epic 7, a new summer break character, Summerbreak Charlotte, is available for players. Her role is to supervise the clumsy friends during the summer break. This game also introduces a new style of gameplay, called Dual Attacks. Charlotte can also equip Enhanced Artifacts, which will increase her drop rate. As a bonus to this side story, players can also use the Exchange to buy items.

Shadow of Ravenwing Manor

The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor is a side quest that you can begin by completing the main quest, “The Dark Knight.” It is a difficult side quest, but one you should take because it is a new area. You will encounter a new enemy every time you die, and this monster is the Archdemon. You will have to fight the Archdemon to defeat it and uncover the secrets of Orbis.

To begin the quest, you must first defeat the undead boss in the main story area. Then, complete the quest to gain experience. If you have a level 80 character, you can complete the side story for the first time by completing the Adventure section. There, you will find more gold and experience, as well as catalysts that you can use to awaken heroes and enhance your skills.

Adin’s Awakening

Adin’s Awakening is the first of the four main side stories in the game. It consists of three chapters and four missions. In these chapters, you’ll find new and exciting quests to complete. You’ll also be able to upgrade your character and enhance her stats and abilities. The side story is a fantastic experience for players who love customization and uniqueness.

As a Thief class, Adin has a few good skills to help her defeat enemies. Her first skill is called Ankle Cut, which attacks with her sword and increases her Combat Readiness by 20%. Another skill that Adin can use is Blade Gust, which is a massive AOE attack that deals more damage if there are fewer enemies. Lightning Bolt is a quick attack that targets an enemy and buffs Adin’s attack stats. This skill is good to use if you want to deal damage quickly.

Adin is a decent unit in PvE, and has a new mechanic called Weakness Shared. This mechanic allows allies to deal 10% more damage to boss enemies. This will come in handy when facing tougher enemies in Episode 4. Adin’s other abilities include Ankle Cut, which increases combat readiness for the caster, and Blade Gust, which attacks all enemies with a sword gust and does high damage. Awakened Adin also has a 75% chance to remove all buffs.

In addition to the Adin’s Awakening side questline, the Valentine’s Day update will include new content and special rewards. The Seven Sweethearts questline will also be available to players. The questline consists of three or four chapters, with limited-time rewards available for each. The update will also add new story content and hero balance adjustments. So, if you’re a fan of the game, you’ll want to check out the new update!

Valentine’s Day update

The upcoming “So the Roses May Bloom” event in the anime RPG Epic Seven will be an opportunity to show off the rich story line in the game. The update will also add a new threeway limited group summon banner to the game’s inventory, a seven-day Valentine’s Check-In event, and 70 Free Summons. These new features are sure to excite fans of the game and make the holiday even more special.

The Valentine’s Day update for Epic Seven includes a new side questline in the game and a new event with exclusive rewards. The update will also introduce Adin’s Awakening. In addition to the new event, players can continue progressing through the Seven Sweethearts questline, which consists of three or four chapters. Players can earn limited-time rewards by completing quests, which will open up new areas and story content. In addition, the update will include new hero balance adjustments and character balance changes.

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