Soul Weaver Artifact – Stella Harpa

The Soul Weaver artifact, Stella Harpa, is a unique item that has the ability to dispel debuffs on allies when attacked. Its chance to dispel debuffs varies from 30% to 60%. It has the potential to become a valuable tool for a Soul Weaver. This unique item can be a great way to increase the amount of gold you can earn from the game.

Soul Weaver exclusive artifact

As a Soul Weaver, Stella Harpa grants you a 60% chance to dispel debuffs on allies, a unique effect that greatly improves your ability to deal damage. It is the perfect companion for the newly minted Soul Weaver Elena, who has a 50% chance to dispel enemies’ debuffs when attacked. In addition, it also increases the summon rate of both you and your allies.

Limited-time pickup summon

Upon purchase of the Soul Weaver, players will have a chance to pick up the limited-time pickup summon “Stella Harpa.” This item will increase the summon rate of Elena, the featured 5 Hero in the game. This limited-time pickup summon is also a Soul Weaver exclusive artifact. This summon has a 60% proc rate and removes debuffs from both the player and her allies. However, it faces heavy competition in the form of the Wondrous Potion Vial, which is much easier to obtain and has a higher floor.

Ancient relic of the Shandra Empire

The soul weaver is a rare, exclusive artifact from the Shandra Empire. It was passed down by High Priestesses and Priests of Constella. The artifact has magical powers, and its use is said to cause stars and fireflies to soar in the night sky. It is said to be a very powerful artifact, and is considered to be the most valuable item.

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