How to Build an Attack Operator Sigret Build in World of Warcraft

During the early game, you should focus on Attack, Critical Hit Chance, Speed, and Daydream Joker to increase your Operator Sigret’s damage and overall effectiveness. Attack and Critical Hit Chance should be at a minimum of 50%. Speed should be at least 50% as well. After the initial fight with Vouivre, you can improve your Sigret’s effectiveness. After that, you can invest in various skills and weapons to improve your Sigret.


Building an Attack Operator Sigret build is not difficult if you follow a few simple steps. For starters, you should focus on using the best combination of damage. You can use a Destruction Set or Speed Set, depending on your preferences. The Destruction Set is better for follow-up builds, but a Speed Set is better for the initial DPS. You should choose a Symbol of Unity for the initial DPS because it allows Sigret to kill Arbiter Vildred without waiting for him to die. It’s a great counter to a Moonlight Dreamblade build, as it provides extra damage.

If you’re looking for an attack operator build, you’ll probably want to focus on a Dark element hero. These heroes have a good deal of defensive and healing abilities. For example, a Dark element hero will be able to dismiss AoE Defense Breaks and have a counterattack if they’re targeted by a scathing attack. In addition, Martial Artist Ken has a lot of powerful abilities, including Knockout, Coming of Ausra, and Dragon Flame.

The Attack Operator Sigret is a versatile class that can be used to punish enemies and increase damage. While it can attack often, Sigrets can apply bleeds to their targets. Therefore, you should avoid investing too much in effectiveness, and focus on a 50% effectiveness. After defeating Vouivre, you can optimize your Sigret. It is possible to upgrade your Attack Operator Sigret’s efficiency with a Hit Set, but this will increase the amount of damage you deal with each enemy.

Another good attack operator Sigret build is the Epic Seven, in which Sigret plays the dominant role. This hero is very useful in PvP as well as in other content, including the Wyvern Hunt. You can equip other heroes after successfully completing Wyvern Hunt to unlock more gear and heroes for other game modes. This is why Sigret is one of the most popular 5-star heroes. Once you’ve mastered this quest, you’ll be able to use other heroes.

Critical Hit Chance

Investing in Attack, Critical Hit Chance, and Speed is a great way to increase the overall efficiency of your Sigret build. Your Sigret is an aggressive class, so you’ll want to use equipment with an ATK%. Investing in Attack, Critical Hit Chance, and Speed will increase your Sigret’s damage and critical hit chance. You should also trade a little bit of your speed for more attack to maximize your Critical Hit Chance.

The main difference between a normal Sigret build and an Operator Sigret build is her skill set. Sigret uses her battle-axe to thrash enemies, and she owns a powerful debuffer and anti-revive on S3. She also has a critical hit chance buff in her Guillotine skill. If you’re looking for an initial DPS build, A Symbol of Unity is the way to go. This skill gives you a small boost in Damage, and you’ll be able to kill Arbiter Vildred with one extra turn. Additionally, a Symbol of Unity will provide Sigret with a little extra DPS, and you’ll have a powerful spell to counter a Moonlight Dreamblade build.


There are many different ways to increase the speed of your Operator, but the main focus is on the Attack stat. While Sigret isn’t the fastest operator in the game, if you can consistently attack enemies, her high Attack stat can be very useful. The second most important stat is Health. Getting enough HP can make a big difference. Increasing your Health can improve the chance of a critical hit while increasing your Critical Strike Damage.

A high damage and high speed are key for an Operator Sigret build. This build is aimed at crushing down barriers, so it should be able to do a lot of damage. It also has a lot of potential to beat down tanks. If you can gear your Operator Sigret correctly, you’ll be able to dominate most PVP battles. While a Politis build is very strong, he’s not the best choice for most PVP battles.

Daydream Joker

If you are planning to play as a Sigret, you should have a good understanding of how to build the most efficient Sigret build. The Sigret has a good balance between speed and attack. If you want to get the highest attack and damage in the game, you should focus on increasing your Attack and Speed. You can also trade off speed and attack to achieve the optimal balance. A good Sigret build should be able to attack frequently and apply bleeds effectively. You should not invest too much in effectiveness, and instead aim for at least 50%. After you’ve defeated Vouivre, you can improve your Sigret’s speed and effectiveness.

If you’re looking to maximize your damage output on a daily basis, you can opt for a Daydream Joker build. You can use Alexa and Sigret for this type of playstyle. The first one is best for DPS, and the second has better damage and speed. A second build, which is better for daily play, uses Sever and Poison for damage. These are the best builds for Sigret.

Another important tip in building a Daydream Joker operator is that you should have a good Speed Set so you can avoid slowing your character down. Sigret is a great choice for this build because her speed is very useful in PvP. As a Warrior, she is also good for other types of content. Sigret is an excellent choice for PvP, and her 3rd skill will prevent heroes from being resurrected.

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