Epic Seven Character Guide – Captain Rikoris

The character’s skills and characteristics can be further improved through the Skill Tree. Captain Rikoris has 10 skills that can be enhanced three times each, and you can learn more about their costs at the main Specialty Change page. This article will go over some of the most important details about this character. Read on to find out what you need to do to improve Captain Rikoris’ skills and overcome challenges. This article will cover the character’s Skills and Characteristics, as well as the Immortality effect.


The new Specialty Change for Captain Rikoris has given the character a large stat boost. This includes a 5% bonus to Hit rate and 20% bonus Dark damage. This makes Rikoris an excellent choice for raids in Azimanus. Despite having a long cooldown, he is an effective damage-dealer, and his extra hit chance makes him a great choice for tanking as well.

This character’s overall power level is about average. There are other heroes in the same tier, but this one is just a notch below average. Captain Rikoris has decent damage and health, and he also has good AoE-damaged attacks. But while he’s not the most powerful hero in the game, he’s far from an easy-to-beat hero.

Players will also be able to test new characters, including the Silver Blade Aramintha. The new 5* mage can do damage to enemies, but she also has great range and has a chance to stun them with her meteors. Another new hero in the game is Rikoris, a former rogue who can now transform into Captain Rikoris. The new character also has access to the Greatest Spearmanship ability.

The Epic Seven game is an online multiplayer turn-based role-playing game where each character has their own element and class. Each character can use their element to help them in battle, and each player can create their own team. There are currently more than 200 characters to choose from, and each has a distinct playstyle. The game also features a unique 2D style and gacha mechanics. This helps players to get a better idea of how to play each character.


A light Warrior with a Libra horoscope, Captain Rikoris is an excellent choice for Azimanus raids. His second skill provides a 20% ally damage buff and reduces an enemy’s cooldown. As a Light Warrior, Rikoris has three skills: AoE Speed, Berserk, and Defense Break. Among these skills, Defense Break is particularly good, as it increases the defense of all allies, while Berserk is a subpar cleanse that can only be used on enemies with a very low health pool.

Skill 3 is a powerful attack that can stun the highest CR enemy. It heals the caster proportionate to his Attack. Rikoris requires 410 Greater Runes and 40 Epic Runes to max this Specialty Change. Rikoris’s spear has an 80% chance to slow and restrict enemy movement speed. However, it is important to note that Rikoris has weak common sense.

Ragnar Spear is the best attack in Epic Seven. It can crit Earth units, which is particularly useful if your team relies on an offense-oriented roster. She also has a high base multiplier, making her an excellent choice for PvP teams. Although her skills are not the most powerful, they can make your team a stronger one in the long run. It is also important to note that the Ragnar Spear has an element advantage, and this is a great way to take an advantage of it.

Trial battle

Captain Rikoris is an all-around character who is a Light Warrior. He has a Libra astrological sign, and he is a member of the Taranor Army. He learned his art of spearmanship in the battle against the Chaos Sect. As a result, he is a good choice for Azimanak Hunt. However, he is not a perfect choice for PvP.

Immortality effect

This update for Epic Seven will be released on 1/21/2019. The update will affect fully enhanced characters, as well as the number of turns they have available to use a skill. The cooldowns for skills will remain the same. You’ll notice a few minor changes in the skill descriptions. It will also affect the probabilities of some skills. To keep your party balanced, it is best to keep a list of your favorite heroes in your party and switch between them.

Captain Rikoris is the founder of the Spear Club, and he’s a strong member of the Public Security Club. Despite his strength and stats, he lacks common sense. He’s also weak when it comes to requests from other players. His attacks are based on his spear art and have a 75% chance to dispel buffs. If you’re not using the Immortality effect, it’s still a good idea to use the buff on Captain Rikoris to make him more effective.

Captain Rikoris’s skills can help you survive against opponents who regularly increase Combat Readiness. His Cheer, for example, can reduce the debuff durations of allies. His Spear Art has a chance to reduce enemy speed and restrict it for 2 turns. It can also help you in the Azimanak Hunt. Captain Rikoris’s skills can be confusing.

Specialty change

In Epic Seven, a Hero can make a Specialty Change to increase their stats. This change gives them more health and increased attack speed. The Skill Tree also gives them a host of passive benefits that they can use during the game. These include damage amplifiers against Dark-element heroes and more tankiness when their health drops. Read on to learn how to make the most of your Specialty Change.

A new specialization will also give you better skills and stats. For example, the new Spellbook skill “Faith Rune” will increase your hero’s speed by five. Additionally, her skill tree contains 10 skills. You can enhance each of them three times and get even more from her Runes of Kluri. This is an awesome way to make the most of this specialization.

During PvP, Rikoris will be able to deal massive damage to dark units, and his S3 will be very useful. Captain Rikoris’s Cheer will reduce debuff durations on allies for 2 turns. He will also be able to attack enemies with his spear art. This skill also has an 80% chance to reduce enemy speed, and it will dispel buffs.

Commander Lorina

Commander Lorina is considered one of the best single target DPS heroes in Epic Seven. This hero has an excellent crit set, has built-in attack buffs, and is relatively easy to get recruited. However, her HP and defense are low, and she’s prone to running out of durability buffs. In addition to that, she’s a bit slow compared to other heroes, so she’s best for single player PvE.

In Arena play, Captain Rikoris is a weak choice because she has a low base speed. Thankfully, her S3 stun effect is good, and she has a 75% chance of dispelling enemy buffs. The only drawback is that she can’t summon a minion, so she’s very limited in PvP. Nevertheless, Captain Rikoris has many other uses, and is an excellent choice for the Azimanak Hunt.

The S tier contains the strongest characters in the Epic Seven. While they deal massive damage in combat, they are protected by their invincibility frames. This means that the S tier heroes are often the best choice. The A tier, on the other hand, is composed of powerful characters with good skills. If you know what you’re doing, you can defeat your opponents with a good combo and a clever strategy.

If you don’t have the funds to purchase a full team, you can always build a core team with an affordable four or five-star character. These characters are a good choice for those who don’t want to wait too long for a better character. You can also use them to get currency, which is always a good thing. You can always use them later when you have a better character in hand.

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