Epic Seven Leaf Guide For New Players

Epic Seven

Epic Seven Leaf is a new MOBA game. The game’s main storyline centers on the goddess Diche breaking away from the celestial war and creating the world on the body of her brother Orbis. This decision is opposed by her brother IIyros, who disagrees with her decision. As a result, Diche creates heirs and guardians to protect them. Among these heirs is Ras Eclare, who is named the Heir of the Covenant.

Basic game guide for new players

This article will give you a basic game guide for new players of Epic Seven. This is applicable for both the Korean and the Global versions. I will update this guide once the Global version of the game is released in November 2018. During your first play through, you will spend very little time grinding and getting loot and resources. But when you reach higher levels and the Abyss floors, you will need to invest quite a bit of time and energy.

Fortunately, there are a ton of tips for new players in Epic Seven. You can learn summoning strategy, gearing, artifacts, farming, and how to strengthen your heroes. The following are 10 essential tips for new players. These tips will improve your gameplay and help you make wise decisions during the later stages of the game. It may not be easy to start with these tips, but it will help you improve your performance.

The first thing you need to do is choose a character that you like. If you’ve chosen a character, you can choose from different classes, including knights, witches, and dragons. Once you’ve decided on your hero, you can train and level him up. You can also improve his stats by spending gold. You can also purchase equipment and improve your hero’s skills.

PVE content

If you’re looking for some real-time PVE content, Epic Seven has plenty to offer. You can clear zones, work with your guild members, and gain Exploration EXP. You can also earn rewards by interacting with various items. But there are some drawbacks to exploring these zones, so you may want to stick to PVP. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best PVE options available.


Healers are essential in PVE content for Epic Seven. While they may not offer a lot of immediate healing, their Continuous Healing buff makes them invaluable in battle. Not only can they prevent team members from dying, they can also turn around unwinnable fights. Here are some tips for choosing the best healer for your team. Let’s start with the basics. A healer can be any class, regardless of race, but some are better than others.

An excellent healing character in the Epic Seven meta is Angelica, who is a High Priestess of the Holy Order of the Blue Cross. This legendary class has 100% Guide of the Goddess immunity. Not only is Angelica a great healer, she can also stand in for a tank. Angelica is one of the best healers available in Epic Seven, and her ability to cast skills quickly and reliably is what makes her a standout healer.


There are several ways to get epic seven leaf farming resources. Leaf farming is a form of PVP and requires players to complete tasks and quests to earn resources. You can get a high amount of EXP by farming epic leaves. You will need to interact with different objects, and collect and consume Exploration Provisions to gain more Exploration EXP. You can also farm Epic Seven leaves to improve your equipment. Here are the best strategies to help you farm Epic seven leaves.

The first way to farm Epic Seven’s leaves is to collect catalysts. Catalysts allow players to increase their heroes’ stats and skills. These are obtained by completing certain levels in HnR, the panel of maps that you unlock after completing Episode 1.

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