Assassin Cidd – An Overview of the Hero in Epic Seven

Epic Seven

Assassin Cidd is one of the best 4 heroes in epic seven and shines in both pvp and ppvl content. With high speed, he can act first and deal high damage while still dealing a def break. As a fast opener, he should focus on building his speed stat to maximize his damage output. This article will provide an overview of the hero and what to expect in game.

Assassin Cidd

Assassin Cidd is an Assassin class hero. He has a low base defense and health. He relies on his evasion buff from S3 to survive. This makes him vulnerable to being one-shotted by enemy heroes. The Assassin’s evasion buff is not strong enough to prevent a team from killing him. Fortunately, he does have an ability to summon 4 shades at a low health.

As a hero, he is one of the best options in PvP. His special ability allows him to shut down a key target for one turn and also remove up to 20 Souls from the enemy team. The Assassin’s speed makes him a great opener for PvP teams. Assassin Cidd’s base speed is 128. Boosting his Speed will give him the opportunity to deal more damage.

Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a top-tier hero in the game. She has an impressive array of offensive and defensive abilities, and is also very versatile. She has a sweep skill, which allows her to attack two enemies at once, and her Dark Contract ability, which restores 70 percent of her health after receiving a lustful blow. This ability also makes her a very deadly option for teams that are low on health.

She is a knight with an innate affinity for damage, and her ultimate skill, Dark Blade, attacks enemies and deals massive damage. The cooldown resets once she kills an enemy with it. However, she has a low base Defense, so she’s vulnerable to heroes that have extinction. This is why she’s a great pick for solo-playing. In the end, she is well-rounded and a solid pick for anyone’s team.


Assassin Cidd is one of the newer hero cards in League of Legends, and he has made significant improvements as of Patch 7.0.1. His core attributes are Soul destruction, evasion buff, and increased survivability, making him a good fit for team defense. He also fills a niche on Defense teams, and his high Speed allows him to attack at a high rate.

As a Dark element hero, he has a strong range of damage and is capable of dispelling AoE Defense Break and manifesting a counterattack if a scathing attack hits him. In addition, he has a variety of other powerful abilities, including Knockout, Coming of Ausra, and Dragon Flame. Despite these advantages, he’s a high-end choice when it comes to support in the team.

If you’re looking for a challenge, the top three heroes are all pretty much tier A. As far as their leveling goes, the heroes in the Tier A and Tier B categories are comparable to Tier B and are therefore easier to beat. This list is by no means exhaustive, and it doesn’t account for every possible ability the characters possess. Nonetheless, the first five characters of the Epic Seven have a good balance of power.

Angelic Montmorancy

Assassin’s Creed: The Spirit of Karkanis brings back the iconic ally, Angelic Montmorancy. The pious nun is a powerful ally, especially against the debuff-heavy enemies of the Karkanis raid. Angelic Montmorancy, as its name suggests, is a powerful Water element hero with the Pisces zodiac sign. Her primary role is that of a Soul Weaver, but she can transform into the angelic Montmorancy and perform her other role as an ally. She has a 25% chance to put enemies to sleep, and she can heal debuffed allies with water energy. Her Healing Ability increases the combat readiness of the caster.

Among the characters in Assassin’s Creed: The Spirit of Karn, Angelic Montmorancy, and Xavier are the easiest to beat. Their stats are comparable to other heroes, but they’re much weaker than the first-best characters in the Epic Seven. This means that they’re easier to kill, but they’re still not a breeze to master.

Adventurer Ras

As a golem, the Adventurer Ras is an important golem staple. While his damage output can be lacking, his tanking abilities are impressive and he can easily pair with strong fire DPS. The recent change to his specialty has made him more versatile. He now has the ability to heal himself and is now a decent tank. The specialty change also made him better at dual-attacking with other DPS units. His skill three provides defense breaks, and his second skill gives him a shield.

The game features different modes, each ranked according to the performance of individual characters in each. Despite this, Arbiter Vildred is our favorite hero in the game, as his skills are incredibly versatile and can excel in both PvP and PvE modes. Here are a few of his best traits. Once you unlock their skills, you’ll be well on your way to being one of the best hero in the game.

The game’s PvP mode requires you to battle monsters on the map and earn upgrade materials. You can choose which stage to fight on, and try to get the best gear and character you can afford. Once you have the right gear, the next step is to reroll. This process can be done many times. It’s possible to get a new character every few days, but this is a risky move.

The game’s tier list does have some flaws, however. Some players may consider the characters at the top of the list to be too powerful. The game’s designers ranked the heroes based on their abilities and the level of difficulty in each tier. In addition to that, the game has a very good game balance between the heroes. If you’re looking for a new character to play, then check out our Epic Seven tier list to see which characters have the most potential.

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