BBK Skin Care Preview and Jkise Skin For Summer and Winter


You can check out the latest information on BBK skin care in our Preview. Find out if the company has recalled its Copium product and more. Also, read about Summer and Winter releases. The BBK skin care line is known for its long-lasting and smooth skin. It’s available in a variety of skin-tones, from neutral to dark. The company has also recalled its Copium-based formula due to safety concerns.

Summer and Winter

Summer and Winter is a new side story for the game, where players will be able to earn event currency, complete side story stages, and obtain a Judge Kise skin. In order to unlock this new skin, players will have to complete Episode 1 Chapters 10-10 and Battles Side Story. Once they’ve completed both, a lucky player will get the Jkise skin for Summer and Winter! This skin is available to Heirs who complete the Master League, so it’s not too late to try it out.

After cleansing, moisturising is the next step. Winters call for heavy creams and lotions that lock in moisture. In summers, you’ll want something lighter. A heavy cream can lead to acne and pimples, so opt for a lighter lotion or moisturizer. No matter the season or temperature, you don’t want your skin to be too dry and irritated! That’s why moisturising is so important, even in the summer!

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