Epic Seven Specialty Change – Wanda

The Epic Seven hero class consists of four different heroes, each with their own specialties. To change your hero’s specialty, tap or long-press its icon, then select a mission category. The effect of a Hero’s specialty will affect the bonus/buff that you receive when you dispatch it on a mission. For example, the new Hero class, Sanctuary, will provide a buff and bonus when you send it on a mission.


The recent update to the game brought new changes to Wanda, including a Specialty Change. The new Wanda will have a unique sprite, a new skill tree, and new animations. Additionally, she will have more stats to boost in the Skill Tree, which is available for all characters. Performing a Specialty Change requires you to complete all Specialty Change Quests and the Trial Battle, and it cannot be undone.

The Epic Seven heroes are all close to being average. This does not mean that they are easy to beat, though. The stats of the heroes in this new category are comparable to the first-tier characters in the game. As a result, they are very powerful heroes. Whether you play in PvP or PvE modes, there is a hero to match your skill level. Wanda has great potential for future growth and is one of the best all-around heroes in the game.

Commander Lorina

In Commander Lorina’s Epic Seven, you’ll become a Hyper-Carry unit. The downside is that she deals way too much damage. However, you can improve your skills by upgrading them through your Skill Tree. This skill increases your Attack by 10%, and will stack up to five times. You can learn more about this ability from the main Specialty Change page. The changes make her stronger than ever before!

Commander Lorina is considered the best single-target DPS hero in the game. She is relatively easy to level, and she is a fantastic choice for new players who are interested in PvE. Her S3 damage scales based on the HP of your opponents, making her a good choice for all PvM content. You can also equip her with crit sets to help her dominate the enemy. And her high speed makes her a good choice for labyrinths, adventure mode, and hunts.

Dispelling buffs is a valuable skill in some situations, and the ability to use it is a fantastic way to counter enemy teams. This skill can be a life saver, as enemies love buffs and can take advantage of it. She can also use a powerful attack called Water Energy to knock down enemy heroes for a few turns. Its damage increases proportionately to the caster’s max Health, so you can use it to buff yourself or your allies.

In Epic Seven, players can also choose to upgrade their Mercedes to make her a more versatile pick. For example, a Mercedes can be upgraded to become a PVP pseudo-viable option. Likewise, an Adventurer Ras can shine in PVE, but his buff to Defense and his strip makes him a fantastic PVE pick. If you’re unsure, give him a try!


The Adventurer Ras specialty change in the epic seven adds a number of new abilities to this golem. He now has increased bulk, speed, and combat readiness. This makes him an excellent team player and PVP or PVE tank. His new skills also give him an excellent amount of survivability and buff his team. This is a good change for Adventurer Ras. Here are the highlights of Ras’s new abilities.

Sorcery – This skill is a great way to get the upper hand in battles. When used correctly, it increases the damage of your next attack by 6%. The special effect also reduces the cooldown of your next skill by one turn. In addition, you can use Specialty Runes to enhance your skills. Wedge Runes are a good choice because they grant the caster immunity, which can help him a lot.

Mortelix – The player community thinks this character is great. While his injuries can help a lot in combat, they are not as useful as tanks or bruisers. Rose – This free to play opener helps the combat readiness of your party. She also provides support for other units, making her an excellent free to play opener. Her skin is also an added bonus. It will look great on any team. These are just a few of the positive changes in Ras’ specialty.

Pyllis – The new Epic Seven update will introduce a new storyline and eastern nation influences. The update will also introduce a new main character, Adin. She will be a 3-star Earth elemental Thief unit. She is expected to be able to change element with an Elemental conversion scroll. This will greatly enhance her uniqueness and appeal. You can also expect a new version of the Vildred skin.

Adventurer Kluri

The Adventurer Kluri has a lot of good abilities and is still one of the best tanks in the game. He also has some great specialty changes. His non-attacking strip, defense break, and overall bulk makes him a great choice for both PVP and PVE. He is also a good tank for a team. You can find him at any level in the game and make the most of him.

Another change to Adventurer Kluri is his new ability to tank. This is very useful in PVE since you can dual attack with some of your most powerful DPS units. This makes him great for extended fights. It also gives him a chance to do damage to allies. He also gets a chance to break defense for a turn. Besides this, he can now use his ‘Blade Break’ in PVP, which gives him a massive damage boost.

This new ability also has a huge effect on the damage output of the Martial Artist Ken class. It is also an excellent way to deal with the AoE Defense Break effect. It also grants a quick counterattack. Unlike most heroes, the Martial Artist Ken is a unique hero with some very unique skills. Her ‘Swordstorm’ ability, for instance, grants the caster an additional turn. Its effect increases based on the caster’s Speed, and her ‘Blood of Ausra’ grants an ally 20% combat readiness. And her ability to cleanse has a long-term effect, granting both you and your allies continuous healing.

While the Adventurer Kluri has the same primary job as any other class in the game, she has a different specialty. While she’s a good tank, she also has decent DPS skills. She has a buff that increases her attack as well as a debuff that deals damage to enemies. This makes her a very versatile and strong tank. If you’re looking for a new hero to add to your team, she’s a great choice.

Angelic Montmorancy

While the Angelic Montmorancy is an ice-type class, this class is also flexible with artifacts. Its unique traits include a budget cleanser and AoE dispel. While not the most optimal PvP class, it should still be a worthwhile investment. Below is a look at the benefits of the new class. These abilities are incredibly useful and should be included in your gear early on.

First, there’s a new skill that allows you to remove up to two debuffs on your character, which can be beneficial if you’re struggling to keep up with your opponents. The skill is a short three-turn cooldown and adds 50% combat readiness. In addition, this skill heals even if no debuffs are removed. If you play Angelic Montmorancy as a tank or healer, you’ll find the new ability to be useful.

A second reason to use an Angelic Montmorancy skill is that you’ll be able to dispel other heroes’ buffs. This ability can be invaluable in certain situations, as enemy teams love to apply buffs to their own heroes. This spell will also attack enemies and put them to sleep for a turn. In addition, it will also dispel one debuff from your allied heroes and heal them. The amount healed will be proportionate to the max Health of each ally. The burn effect will also increase your Combat Readiness by 50%. This makes it one of the most potent tank healers in the game.

This specialization also requires 500 Spirits to unlock. If you want to make your character more potent, it’s important to farm for 410 Greater and Epic runes to get the best damage output. You’ll also need a good tanking build to stay alive. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can make a huge difference in the endgame. This new class is especially useful if you have trouble with healing.

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