Epic Seven Ervalen Guide

In the mobile game Epic Seven, Ervalen is the son of Tarman and Camellia. Initially, the two did not get along, but Schniel exposed the abuse Ervalen was receiving and took care of him. He is the most powerful character in the game, with over 700,000 points. The character has a variety of skill trees and is known for his speed. You can choose between four different abilities to make your character more powerful.

Ervalen has a good single target damage and can fit into most teams, as well as in tanks and one-shot teams. His S2 skill deals more damage to opponents with more health than his maximum, and is also effective against high-health units such as Ruele and Krau. In addition, he can use his soul burn to create a huge barrier that grants him immunity and extra damage. While there are more powerful heroes available in this role, Ervalen can be a great choice for those who don’t have a huge hero pool.

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